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Huge fan here Tony. Great read. I love listening to inspiring tales of cartoonists succeeding in this industry. Gives me just a glimmer of hope for my own future!!!! Now to find my 3D glasses. I know I had a pair around here somewhere......

Rogue Symmetry

Tony, I almost went stalker on you about five or six years ago. I lived in Tempe at the time and cartooned in coffee shops just hoping to see you. It never worked out. Now I am all the way over in Queen Creek. Guess it will never happen. Though I do know your home address and where you keep your underwear. Anyhow, long live The Kitty Cat Killer.


@Navybean It didn't work.

@LW Thanks! A disappointed child is my favorite thing to draw.


Enjoyed the post, Tony. Cartooning while driving sounds like risky business, but whatever you're doing is working. I always enjoy the facial expressions in F Minus, especially if the character is a disappointed kid or an angry girlfriend. Relatively simple linework yet it conveys so much. Now if only I could track down my 3-D shades...

Navy Bean

I've been a Tony Carillo fan since before he added the second L to his last name so people would take him more seriously.

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