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Johnny J Jones

#sportsjerk A Rod or D Rod(man)
#SJ40 OJ Simpson

David Stevens

This year it has to be A-Rod. But for the past 40 years, who could beat O.J. Simpson?

steve c

Skip Bayless

steve c

Latrell Sprewell

Robert Rosen

Dennis Rodman
Anyone using his sports reputation to cozy up to a murdering dictator clearly is THE sports jerk of not only this year but for the past 40 years.

Bob Hibler

Lance Armstrong had us all feeling sorrow for him . Turns out to be biggest cheater for years.

Downriver Dave

Dennis Rodman. Hands down...and, more than likely down the pants of a certain North Korean dictator.

Arthur Lewis


Brother Even Keel

sportsjerk 40 no mystery here handsdown without question the man who chokes his coach and can't live on a NBA salaryreceives my vote: Latrell Spreewell.


Alex Rodriguez




2013 - A Rod

40 Year - Barry Bonds

Gen. Zod

mike brown, owner of the crumbling cincinnati pringles. Documented worst owner ever. Worst GM ever. No competition.


SJ of the Year has to be Dennis Rodman with apologies to Arod who would have won most any other year.

SJ of the last 40 years has to be Jerry Sandosky with apologies to Dan Snyder and Peter Angelos, both of whom are more than qualified. It hurts me deeply not to be able to give the Daniel the recognition he so richly deserves. Don't worry Dan, you're pretty much a lock for 40 years from now.

Ari E-B

Greg Schiano - having your players charge the line on a kneel down just to cause injuries? Total bush league.

Gary Von Erichsen

Mike Tyson


For this year? It's a tough choice between Dennis Rodman and Alex Rodriguez. I tend to think of Rodman as more delusional than jerkish, so I'll go with A-Rod.

For the last 40 years? I just read Mike Tyson's book "Undisputed Truth" and believe me, he has been a world-class jerk for decades, which he basically admits. He may be better now, but for a very long time he was in a class by himself. And biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear is so beyond the pale that that act alone would put him near the top. It's Tyson by a knockout. The undisputed heavy-weight jerk of the world, now hopefully retired.


40-year: Ben Christensen, for beaning a player in the on-deck circle in a college baseball game.

John Russell

Rodman or Arod? Rodman was at least trying to help others while Arod was only trying to better only himself and lie after lie

Harvey Gendreau

SJOTY = Aaron Hernandez
SJOTP40 = OJ Simpson

thomas dillon

40year sportsjerk should go to latrell sprewell if choking his coach wasn't enough proof then his comments about his nba salary (12million?) being too low (he has mouths to feed) was a big slap in the face to the common fan.His play on the court was nothing special either.

R Mills

2013 Dennis Rodman

Dave Herwig

Lance Armstrong of course. The dweeb pretended to be superman for years! When his fellow cyclists suggested he was doping, he treated them like dirt!

alan larabee

I think that Dennis Rodman is the choice I'm compelled to make. I can think of nothing positive that he has done except excel at basketball. His behavior since retiring has been less than stellar and I can see no redeeming acts on his part.

Teri L

Richie Incognito for 2013 Sports Jerk of the Year. Took hazing down to such a low level that even the foulest college fraternities would probably kick him out.
Michael Vick for Sports Jerk of the Last Forty Years. Others may have screwed up and broken the rules of their sport, but Vick KILLED helpless animals...for sport.

Richard Olson

Dennis Rodman,,,way out in front of whoever is in second place

m walter

Pete Rose. No respect for the GREAT GAME.


Dennis Rodman for spoty
Can't think of anyone more deserving of the 40 year than OJ Simpson.


2013: A Rod

40 years: Joe Paterno


Richard Sherman!!!


Gotta be Dennis Rodman. Only he could offend BOTH his own country AND North Korea at the same time.


Jimmy Connors --last 40 years


Alex Rodriguez - Keeps bringig shame to baseball.

victor tango



Bob Costas , again, political rants have their place and it's not on a sports broadcast. That's one reason we watch them...


A-Rod for this year and Lance Armstrong for the 40th.


Alex Rodriguez for 2013
Alex Rodriguez for 40 since his whole career has been lies and denials of ped use

Ed Green

A tie for 2013 -- Rodman and A-Rod

40 years - Pete Rose


2013 - Dennis Rodman.

40 yr - Mike Tyson

Jerry Halvorsen

Ryan Braun 2013, another PED liar who hurt others along the way
Lance Armstrong SJOTY 40 same reason as above, only x 7



Steve Morrow

Sports Jerk for 2013-- A-Rod

Sports Jerk of the last 40 years-- Dennis Rodman

Lars Hanson

A-Rod. Is there even a close second? Dennis Rodman is no sports figure any more - just a pathetic human being trying to be relevant.


Biggest Sports Jerk for the last 40 years? No contest. Michael Vick, today, tomorrow and always.


Leon Spinks!


How soon we forget.

George Steinbrenner.


I have to agree with the Rogue Wolf. But Michael Vick is far worse than a jerk. He is a degenerate. The Philadelphia Eagles deserve the award for giving him "a second chance," like they are motivated by forgiveness or compassion. Hah!

For this year's award it is hard to argue with Alex Rodriguez.

B. Grant Fraser

Aaron Michael Hernandez for Jerk of the year.
OJ Simpson for Jerk of the CENTURY!! OK 40 years.....but


Lance Armstrong

Lou Sandler

Lance Armstrong

Ken K

Joe Banner for Browns fans the most loyal or are we just stupid + Mike Lombardi/Jimmy Haslam

ralph winland

Dennis Rodman

John E

For 2013 - ARod. No question.

John E

Over the last 40 years - Al Davis - no one in the NFL personified 'jerk' like him, at least from a public perspective. And I say that as a Raiders fan for most of those 40 years.

Daniel Schaefer

Dennis Rodman - idiot doesn't deserve the press, but he still gets my vote

Mary Sharrow

Jerk of the Year = Alex Rodriguez
40 year jerk = Lance Armstrong

Bob fuhro


40 years--Tonya Harding--assault and a "broken lace"--way beyond ordinary jerkiness


Lance Armstrong. Sued people who accused him, and disappointed so much of the public.

jeff m

how can it not be mike Tyson who bit off Holyfield's ear????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Gordon Bradford

For the first time ever, Brothers nominated for Sports Jerks of the Year: Jim and John Harbaugh, for their constant whining, arm flailing, complaining to referees (their teams should NEVER have penalties), running on the field during games and generally being loud, immature, coaches. One is bad enough, but two is beyond miserable.

Richard Frankel

A-Rod!! All by himself he has tried hiis best to discredit a whole sport.



SJOTY: Richie Incognito. Fired from every team he played on since high school. Hated in the Dolphins locker room.

4-decade all-time SJ: Pete Rose for dragging the name of professional baseball in the dirt. Repeatedly.


2013: Dennis Rodman
SJ40: Michael Vick

Gordon Hall

ARod. Can't be worse that that.

Allan MacLaren

SJ40 Bill Romanowski. Dirtiest player in football

Laurent Hourcle

Dan Snyder owner Washington Redskins who turned a once proud franchise into a soap opera proving the NFL is more about how much owners can make than the sport and it''s fans.

bill kivlin

Jerry Jones. He fired Jimmy Johnson for spite and hasn't won anything since (Barry Switzer doesn't count. DALLAS still and will forever SUCK! This vote is from a grateful Eagles fan.


2013 Sports Jerk - Richie Incognito
Runner ups - A-rod, Ryan Braun, Sergio Garcia, Lance Armstrong

40 year Sports Jerk - Mike Tyson
Runner Ups: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Tiger Woods, John McEnroe and Matt Millen

Hank Hanau

Dan Synder owner of t6he Washington football team.
For a member of the religion that was called by numbers of slurry names to be indifferent to the call from Native Americans is worthy of the 40 year award.
Dennis Rodman should be this years champion.

David Means

For SJ40: Lance Armstrong
For not only doping himself, but denying it for years and even suing his accusers and winning, forcing them to pay him for his lies on the witness stand.

the AlChemist

for 2013


for the last 40 years

Dennis Rodman


Richard Sherman of the Seahawks


Rodman for the year
OJ Simpson for the 40 year jerk.

keiley caster


Karolinde Wilson

A-Rod for his continuing desire to blame everyone else for his own mistakes. For the last 40 years, Dennis Rodman. No one in sports has managed to disgrace himself, his sport, his nation, and most of the world and a grand scale. Add in his total disregard for the suffering of the majority of the world and he's a hands down winner.

Barbara Fenton

The sports jerk of the year is A-Rod hands down. Not only did he cheat, but he helped others to do so, and now he's screaming like the spoiled brat he is because the arbitrator ruled against him. As for the biggest jerk of the last forty years, I pick Bernie Ecclestone who has run the F1 circuit like his own private fiefdom since forever. His arbitrary rule changes only confuse people and hurt the sport. He's the reason I stopped watching the Grand Prix on TV, and now he's caught up in some scandal. It's high time he was put out to pasture.

TM Hart

Sports Jerk of the Year: A-Rod

Sports Jerk of 40 Years: Lance Armstrong

Mike Prinzbach

For the past 40 years it is OJ Simpson hands down!!!

Non-fan of fighting

Bob Hartley, coach of the Calgary Flames, who opened a recent game with his fourth line for the express purpose of starting a brawl.

Genie Joslin

2013 - Dennis Rodman
40th - Jerry Jones

Gary Upton

Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Without him they might have a shot of winning a play off game.

Allan MacLaren

Tough call between Richie Incognito and Dennis Rodman. I'll go with Rodman

Big Tex

2013: Dennis Rodman, traitor to his country.

40 years: Jerry Jones, who took the Dallas Cowboys from Super Bowl champions to mediocrity, and doesn't care as long as 90,000 suckers fill his pockets.

Duane Scheel

+A Rod should thank Dennis R

Charlie V.

A-Rod Sports Jerk for 2013. Dennis Rodman is just a JERK.

Barney Vermillion

Sports Jerk for the year -- has to be A-Rod. Overhyped and overstimulated, apparently. So many candidates for the 40-year nomination, but it's got to be Lance Armstrong, who lied so much and let so many people down!


I have to go with the crowd and agree with Dennis Rodman


SJ2013 - Sergio Garcia, for his insensitivity and being a big baby in his whining about Tiger Woods. Pathetic.

SJ40 - There are so many "worthy" contenders. For now, I'll go with Dennis Rodman.


SJOTY - Dennis Rodman
SJ40 - Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman has to be the BIGGEST sports jerk of all time. How many repeat SJOTY are there. I think Rodman has more SJOTYs than MJ has rings.

Dr Truth

James O'Shea

for 2013: Dennis Rodman

all-time: Dennis Rodman.

Only Rodman could possibly combine the depth of stupidity and the height of arrogance necessary to take home both awards.

(Dis)honorable mention, 2013: Bill Belicheck. 'Worst play I've ever seen'? Really? You sure about that, Bill?

(Dis)honorable mention, all-time: Joseph Blatter, for screwing over the World Cup in ways not thought possible until he actually did it.

Booby prize: Vince Young. $5000/week at The Cheesecake Factory? Really? Trying to buy every seat on a commercial flight? Really?

Richard Bell

Dennis Rodman for Biggest Sports Jerk of 40 Years


SJOTY 2013 - I would have to go with A-Rod. Earlier I was thinking Richie Incognito, but I think A-Rod beats him.

SJ40- Ernesto Bertarelli for trying to hijack the America's Cup.

Zach Drennan

Having made his mark just in time, my vote goes to Richard Sherman.

Jim L

A-Rod for sure, for the year. What a Jerk!
In 40 years--no bigger Jerk than Lance Armstrong. He got America interested in racing for almost ten years. Got sympathy related to his cancer. Then admits he "was doped up".


A-Rod every day until 1/31

M. H.

"Jerk" is not strong enough to describe Rodman which is why I nominate Sherman. What a jerk to think it was all You, You, You. It was a team effort you JERK

Billie WIlls

Seattle Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman - come on whatever happened to sportsmanship? What a jerk!

T. Sayeau

I wonder if Dennis Rodman can really be considered SJOTY, as it has been so long since he actually played basketball professionally. Thing is, no other name comes to mind, not because Rodman's such a jerk but because I don't pay much attention to sports.

For SJOTY for the past 40 years, let's not vote for Tonya Harding, as bringing her back into the spotlight for even this is more than she deserves.

Alas, the IOC gets a pass because of the terms of the competition. Pity, because if anybody deserved it more . . . would they please get rid of the five entwined rings, that being a Nazi-created symbol . . . the drug scandals, the economic burdens . . . couldn't the IOC at least get a dishonourable mention?

Shawn Moore

For 2013, Ryan Braun.

Aaron Sobel

Jerk 0f the year - A-Rod. The dude has it all, but would rather fritter his fame and earned plaudits away with lying, when a simple apology and confession would have shown him to be
the man and athlete he deserves to be.

Jerk of last 40 years - I have a dark horse. Brent Mussberger. I just don't like his style. Maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy, but I hearken back to Red Barber and Mel Allen. And even today, Jim Nance and Joe Buck.

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