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Roy Creamer

Johnny Manziel gets my vote

Richard Dunne

For 2013:
A-Rod & his legal team.

For SJ40:
Dennis Rodman

Bob Traynor

For the biggest sports jerk in the last forty years? Tough to go against Pete Rose, who was the crack in the wall that discredited an entire sport over the following years.

For 2013: heck, Dennis Rodman is *current*. And here I'd hoped he'd slide permanently into obscurity.

j.e. holt

Dennis Rodman.


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Mataata von Fawks (Abigail)

Jeremy Studley from Ozy and Millie, duh!

Joseph Prawer

Dennis Rodman. 'nough said.


Alex Rodriguez for SJOTY 2013

Lance Armstrong for SJ40


Dennis Rodman, of course.


Dennis Rodman.


dennis rodman

The Rogue Wolf

His jerkitude may have been outside of sports, but for biggest sports jerk of the last 40 years, I nominate Michael Vick. Runner-up is all the sports fans who were quick to forgive what he did just because he's good at throwing a football.

Dennis Kelly

Richard Sherman of the Seahawks


I'm glad to see so many people voting for Dennis Rodman. I don't think there has been anyone quite so obnoxious as Dennis. His trips to North Korea have hurt not only the sports world's reputation but America's. His 1st trip was bad enough but to take other sports people with him and to bow down to an repulsive, murdering dictator is unforgivable. His antics are not trying to show the world that North Korea and Kim Jon-un are a jovial, fun-loving kingdom. He is doing it for his own self-aggrandizement.


I can't believe that I don't see the name Jerry Jones up here! The man who fired Tom Landry in the MOST despicable way, then fired Jimmy Johnston for winning 3 Superbowls and snubbing him in a Mexican bar. Jones then replaced him with Barry Switzer (!) Jones has turned one of the finest football teams in the NFL into a giant merchandising franchise which, as an afterthought, is a mediocre football team. For decades the Cowboys were always competing, even when they stank. With Jones at the helm that tradition has ended, as the Cowboys stink EVERY year and everything that's wrong with the team is directly the result of Jones' "hands on" approach! I'm 58 years old, a lifelong Cowboys fan and since Jones dragged the team into a swamp of 50-50 years I've lost my interest in sports and only watch Dallas play in hopes that i can watch a debacle like this year's Detroit game. All Rodman's done is disgrace his country; Jones has done something much worse!

Jeff B

The baseball writer(s) who did not even cast a vote in this year's Hall of Fame balloting. It was reported that at one of them refused to cast a vote to protest the "steroid era".

If the writer's want to boycott the process, then they should, at the very least, be dropped from next year's selection process.

I'm sure that there are other writers that would be happy to have the honor of casting ballots for Hall of Fame selection.

M. Yorks

I can't think of anyone worse for the past year than Dennis Rodman. How can anyone be so dumb as befriending a guy that starves his people and executes his own uncle?


Agree about Rodman. A genuine disgrace to the name of sports and above all to our Country. Shame on him. Shame.

Robin Messenheimer

Dennis Rodman

Tim from Winnipeg

SJOTY 2013 = A-Roid
SJOTP40 = Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Dennis Rodman...pick one or pick them all!


Dennis Rodam for sure!

Marc L

Dennis Rodman

Don R

Dennis Rodman is a despicable human being (human? that's a stretch). I think he should be IGNORED go for A-ROD.

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2013 - Dennis Rodman. Earlier posters listed all my reasons.

4 Decades - Tonya Harding - she achieved a unique depth of unsportsmanlike conduct.


If a "team" were allowed, the 16 guys who left Greg Maddux off the HoF ballot would be deserving of the SJoY honor.


Another vote for Dennis Rodman, 2013

Last 40 years, Mike Tyson

Corey Brown

JJohnny Manziel

Christopher Shea

I wish I could nominate the Baseball Writers of America en masse. But I'll settle for nominating Ken Gurnick, the schmuck who refused a HOF vote for any player from the steroid era, regardless of whether or not they were actually guilty of using steroids.

As for the past 40 years, I'll nominate Joao Havelange, whose autocratic corruption left an indelible stain on both the Olympics and international soccer.

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Woody Hayes. The epitome of bad sportsmanship. The worst of the "Winning is the only thing" crowd.


For 2013, oh, the field is so large! But, I think Alex Rodriguez is the top (or bottom, as the case may be...)

For the past 40 years, as a Cleveland native I have to nominate the late Arthur Modell, who year after year made sure the Browns were bad, then put money into the team after moving them to Baltimore.


Dennis Rodman SJ40


Mike Rice, the (thankfully former) Rutgers basketball coach. Insulting and assaulting players gives the entire coaching profession a bad name. Contract disputers, likely steroid use, and contributing to lousy team performance take a back seat to actions that are not just offensive, but might (and probably would) have brought criminal charges had they taken place off the practice floor.

David Root

Lance Armstrong


Dennis Rodman. Should be a runaway victory for the worm.

Larry Simeone

I nominate Alex Rodriguez (aka A-Roid) as Sports Jerk of the Year...or Sports Whiner of the Year. He tainted the Yankee's season by playing last year while under appeal. What if they had won it all?

Dennis Rodman gets second runner up, but he's just a stupid ignoramus.


2013 - Dennis Rodman (close second, Alex Rodriquez)
40th - George Steinbrenner (we hardly knew ye)

Bob Thompson

FOr 2013, I select A-Roid.....errrr, I mean A-Rod.

For the 40th anniversary all-time Sports Jerk: Hmmm..... so many choices from an obviously bad lot.....it's eeny-meeny-miney-mo time here.......

OK- here it is: Pete "I never bet on baseball" Rose, for doing that very thing while manager of the Reds. Only way he should ever get into the Hall of Fame is buy a ticket like the rest of us. I refuse to pick an athlete out of the steroid era because there are so many "prime" choices (Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Clemens, et al). Rose deserves to be in the same level of Hell as Donald Fehr, Bud Selig, and that idiot who now owns the Marlins.

Jonathan B.

Muhammad Ali.

William Pellegrini

There are so many really ripe candidates this year. Dennis the Red Rodman, or A better playing through chemistry Rod..... But I have to go with Jonathan Martin. A guy who didn't really want to play football anymore, and instead of manning up and simple saying I quit, he walked out crying that he was bullied. Either way his football career is over, and that is why Johnathan Martin is my pick for jerk of the year.


For 2013 Incognito - He should have stayed that way.
For 40 yrs - Dennis Rodman


2013: Arod
40: Lance Armstrong, for a career of denials and nastiness, the face of a sport so corrupted they can't even name alternative winners after he forfeited those TdF "victories".

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David D

Dennis Rodman

Brian Smith

Dennis Rodman - he's so obvious, I can't even think of who would be in second place.


Dennis Rodman!!!!!!! The man is an absolute fool. It would be funny if he weren't so busy insulting his own country by his behavior.Go away Rodman.

Dr. Silber MaiKätzchen PhD CsC

Dennis Rodman; everything I want to say has already been said.The only thing that would change my mind would be if some other highly revered player would go Catholic Priest and butt rape an eight-year-old boy. (From what I have seen of school and professional coaches over the last sixty three years, they all deserve skunk awards. The reason I say sixty-three years is that I didn't really become aware of American sports untill I was six.)


SJOTY: For personal entitlement above and beyond, Alex Rodriguez in a walk.

SJOTL40yr: The man who served as model for the team owner in "Major League." The man who single handedly destroyed one of the proudest franchises in modern sports history and slipped what was left of it out in Mayflower moving vans in the dead of night. The one, the only, Robert Irsay!! I honestly can't even think of a near contender.


Does anyone have a list of all the 'winners' and runners-up of the last forty years? I realize it would be exhaustive, but my comic archives do not go back that far. I'd be interested in seeing them all, just for comparisons, as well as keeping up with my friends at the local sports bar trivia. Muchly appreciated if anyone has a list or a website of such.


Dennis Rodman already has 2014 wrapped up, but for 2013, I have to go with A-Rod. For the coveted SJ40, I'll go with Bill Belicheat of the NE PrettyBoys. His teams haven't won a Super Bowl since he got busted!

Harvey Schmidt

For the 40 year sports jerk I have to go with Danny-boy Shaughnessy, (alleged)sports writer for the Boston Globe. His columns have been from the beginning the lowest common denominator of sports reporting. Lazy, stupid and incapable of understanding the world's most popular sport, soccer--which he has consistently ridiculed for years. Probably because he couldn't have played it on a bet.


For trhe greatest Sports Jerk of the past 40 years, definitely Dan Snyder, for sustained and unrelenting jerkitude.

Travis Samuels

Is Rodman getting these votes because of his sports involvement? Rodman can befriend whoever he wants and travel wherever he wants. Get over it!
I vote for Jerry Jones


I'd take Jerry Jones for the last 40 years.
But only b/c D.R. should be disqualified. By who he's supporting, Dennis Rodman has violated the "can't have killed people" clause.

For this year, I'd say Richie Incognito.

Rod Gonzalez

Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez for Sports Jerk of the Year!

Robert K

Dennis Rodman of course! At least A-Rod did not befriend a ruthless dictator and did not fly a team of ex pro-basketball players to a country that openly threatens the USA only to publicly in-dignify them on national TV. Please!

Jonathan K80

A-rot all the way.

William Collingwood

Lance Armstrong.He lied for years and years.He was the only reason I even cared about people on bikes.


Anybody in the Oakland Raider's front office.

Steve L.

Gotta go with Rodman, Guilty of the Stunned C--t Act, being an a-hole in a public place.

Steve from Winchester

Richard Sherman - PED cheater, bad sport.

Rick Tylla

Ryan Braun

Dale Stout

I might have said John McEnroe back in the day, but he's a nice guy now. It's just intensity. Dennis is in rehab - let's see what happens.

Bill Herman

Rodman is #1.


Dennis Rodman, simply pathetic and absolutely an embarrassment to himself & every U.S. citizen


He's not getting many votes but it's gotta be Bud Selig.

charlie bensinger


Charlie C

For 2013 A-Rod and his never ending ego.
For SJ40 Dennis Rodman

Richard Mabry

Alex Rodriguez--his antics off the field definitely cancelled out any positive feelings for his athletic prowess (whether or not chemically enhanced).

Jamie J

For throwing everyone else under the bus, denying anything and everything, blaming the kid who collected the sample, and anyone else involved in the investigation ... and then having to admit his steroid use after being suspended for the season ... Ryan Braun. And this coming from a die-hard Brewers fan.

Karl H.

Richard Sherman

Bill from Boulder

John Tortorella gets my vote!

Ray Finfer

No one is a bigger jerk than ARod. Hands down!

William Thompson

Richard Sherman. He plays dirty and then brags about it. Nice when the refs give you the game.

Michael J

As much as I believe Johnny "Train-Wreck" Manziel from Texas A&M deserves this years award Dennis "The Worm" Rodman crawls by him at the finish line.

My sports jerk of the last 40 years is LeBron "Classless" James in the ESPN extravaganza to embarrass the city of Cleveland and the Cavaliers on national television.


A-rod, without a doubt

Dale Jarvis

A-Rod !

'Roid usage is one thing. Acting like you're offended that ANYBODY would accuse you... well, that put's you over the top.

Dale Jarvis

Of all time? Too many to choose from.
Barry Bonds, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Bill Laimbeer, Lance, McEnroe, Richard Sherman. The list goes on.

Gene I Bennett



This is so easy as to be silly. The same guy for both awards - A-Rod. Not only caught red-handed, but is willing to take down an entire sport just because he can.

angel ferrer

pete rose wins hands down for the 40 year award.

for this year, a-rod.

John Estes

Richard Sherman! Not just from the NFC championship game but from the whole year!

Otto from San Diego (originally)

For 2013: Richie Incognito

For the last 40 years: Jerry Jones


2013-Dinnis Rodman
sportsjerk40 - Pete Rose


Sorry I missed the voting last year; I would have liked to help Bob Costas over the edge. He's my vote this year. and maybe someone could enlighten me -- what exactly has he done to become a sportscaster? I'm not seeing any credentials that allow him to comment on so many different sports. Or is he just someone who was always picked last for Little League, and too small for any other sport, who has somehow found a way to punish everybody else for it?

John Bergin

A-Rod. Every time he opens his mouth he earns a new nomination as a jerk.

David Gursky

I have no view on the Sports Jerk, but I think Rodnan for 2013 is a good choice and Rose for all time is likewise (Harding is too much of a joke herself and has thankfully mostly gone from sight, but Rose keeps coming back)

That being said, I think this years deserves a shout out for a Sports Hero for 2013, which I would nominate the participants in the 2013 Boston Marathon, as well as the Police, Fire, and Emergency Services personnel of Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, and all the other surrounding communities. (Extra Credit to the Red Sox for winning the World Series).

DEnnis Emerson

Bob Costas, besides suffering from little man symdrome, he has little brains syndrome, too.


Dennis Rodman


40 Years: O.J. Simpson

T. Sayeau

Can Dennis Rodman really be considered a sports star today? It's been many years since he was last on a court, and his visiting North Korea, as grotesque as it was, wasn't exactly a sports event. Not sure who else however made such a gallumphing loon of himself or herself this past year, though.

For sports jerk of the past 40 years, alas the IOC escapes its rightful condemnation. Tonya Harding? No, let's leave her out of even this spotlight, please. Alex Rodriguez? Ehh, maybe. O.J. Simpson? Not a bad bet, but the objection I have to Dennis Rodman for this year's jerk applies here. Hmmm . . . George Steinbrenner? Or the Margie Whatsis of the Brewers, I believe it was? Lord, there are so many . . .


2013 SJOY - Dennis Rodman.
SJOP40 - A-Rod, or as I call him Stinky. I'm a Mariner fan, and I resented him when he played for the M's and dissed Ken Griffey, Jr. It has only gone down hill ever since!


Cam Newton, for his graphic demonstration of the fact that egotism kills. What an ass.


Dennis Rodman for 2013 and the 40th

Tom Arndts

Perhaps the biggest Sports Jerk of all time is Pete Rose - idolized him as a kid only to see him gamble his career & name away

B Allen

For 2013 - Alex Rodriguez - he can take the drugs to juice up but can't take the medicine when he is caught

For the 40 - Mike Tyson - just a jerk and a thug; followed closely by Lance Armstrong for lying and cheating his way to the top


A rod gets my vote

Tim from Winnipeg

For 2013:
A-Rod & his legal team.

For SJ40:
Dennis Rodman

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