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Paul Slade

Thanks for the kind words about my essay, Dave. I've had quite a bit of positive feedback from dyed-in-the-wool Andy Capp fans, but it's good to know that someone who'd only been mildly curious about the strip beforehand found my argument a convincing one too. Always good to hear I'm not just preaching to the choir.

Dave Coates


I'm happy to report that yeah, the soccer/ tennis thing was a joke. Bless you for making it so deep into the article.

Simon Bromley

I read Andy Capp every day in it's British home, the Daily Mirror. He's from the north of England (as am I), and I appreciate the humour a little more. In fact, I find the idea of Americans reading the adventures of Andy Capp rather amusing.

And I assume you were joking about the 'soccer/tennis' thing. We refer to 'soccer' by it's proper name, 'football'. That's where you kick a ball with your foot ('FOOT' 'BALL'), not pick it up and throw it...


A Facebook User

As a kid, I read Andy Capp regularly. That was 35 years ago... Maybe the ghost of Andy now possesses Charmy..... lol.... I haven't read that strip in nearly twenty five years.

Charmy's Army is making sense to me now! Gonna have to do a story where a priest, a rabbi and Charmy meet in a bar and perform an exorcism.... !!!

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