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A Facebook User

AWESOME! So good to see Rogue Symmetry make the cuts!!! Derrick is such a talented cartoonist. Congrats D!!!!

The last three weeks of picks have presented everyone with some rich and inspiring work. Hats off to Dave for digging deep through the hundreds... maybe thousands of strips and grabbing up the very best Sherpa has to offer each week.

I'd still love to see a weekly banner on the GoComics main page... Maybe posting on each Tuesday... because Tuesday is a funny word... and have that banner preach of the awesomeness that is hidden there on Comic Sherpa.

Keep up the awesome work young Sherpians... and the three old ones too.

-Davy Jones
Creator of "Charmy's Army"
on www.OkraComics.com

Derrick Wood (Rogue Symmetry)

Great selection. Some of my very favorite Sherpa cartoonists made it this week! And I don't just mean myself.

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