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nitin Tandon


Markku Siira

CanĀ“t get enough! -Markku Siira-

Karla Enriquez

Watching Family Guy right now. I would love to have this!
Karla Enriquez

Shawn Kirkham

Poor poor Brian. Stewie is the best. Shawn Kirkham

Lisa Schu

Glad they brought Brian back.

Donna Watson

Family Guy is just too funny!

Donna Watson

luke cai

Yes I've just been looking for this!


like it


Sweet! Jason Nickolay

Mark Scheef

Giggity. Mark Scheef

Chi Shannon

Yesss! I LOVE Family Guy :)

Curtis Hoffmann

Kill Brian!
Curtis Hoffmann

William Schorie

like Brian but what happened to Vinnie?

Bill Schorie

Pedro Silva

Pedro Silva!

A Facebook User

Davy Jones

Family Guy is always so freakin' funny. Such an inspiration to me and my own comic strip. Just shows you that a cartoonist can make money today. Just need a lot of luck and a strong work ethic. I got one of the two in my favor.... :)

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