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Mike Ostresh

Big Peanuts Fan and would love the calendar! Thanks!!

Mike Ostresh

Big Peanuts Fan and would love the calendar! Thanks!!

Chaohui Chang

I grew up with Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Peanuts has brought so much joy to my life. With the Peanuts books around, I am never alone.

William Schorie

Snoopy of course, I am a dog guy! Bill Schorie

Jo Hindley-Richardson

I love Peanuts because everyone should have an alter-ego called Joe Cool!

Teresa Allison

I've always felt sorry for poor Pigpen.

Teresa Allison

Amy L

I love Peanuts because it always make me laugh. It's a classic comic that is as relevent today as it was when it started. One of THE best by far.

Joel Peterson

I love Peanuts as many kids out there can relate to Charlie Brown. The show and the characters opened a great cult classic and unforgettable memories.

Joel Peterson

Diane Hodskins

I love Peanuts because what a great imagination you would hope your own dog has. My kids even got me a Snoopy tattoo for Christmas one year and I love it. Love the words of wisdom that comes from Linus, the off the wall observations of Sally, and always hoped Charley Brown's luck would turn around.


I love Peanuts because it has kept my wife and I laughing for years.

Timothy Fisher

Angelica Hartmann

I love Peanuts because Snoopy was my friend ever since I was a child and because of the friendship between Snoopy and Woodstock. And I love Snoopy because he is so independent and goes his own way.

Laura Holland

I love the Snoopy happy dance! Laura Holland

Angela Macias

I love Peanuts because it was a simpler time.

Arden Underdal

I love the Peanuts comic strip because it speaks to the insecurities in all of us.
Arden Underdal

Kimberly R.

I love Peanuts because of the simple cute stories they have.

Donna Watson

Every football season I looked forward to the strip of Charlie Brown getting ready to kick the football held by Lucy and each time hoping he would kick it instead of having the ball pulled at the last moment!

Donna Watson

Mike Essency

Love Snoopy of course, but Lucy reminds me of someone very special.

Geoff Elsworth

Peanuts inspired a generation.
Geoff Elsworth

trudy k

I love Peanuts because of it's simplicity and naiveté.

Sonya DeBerte

Charlie Brown comic strip is probably the first comic I ever read as a child. I have always loved Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy and all.

Sonya DeBerte

Melissa Young

I love Peanuts because you can relate every character to someone in your life & no matter what they are going through they have a way of making you feel better, especially Linus for me personally.

Alex Jeffrey

Snoopy is the best!
Alex Jeffrey

Carl Stephens

I loved Peanuts and identified with Charlie Brown. Charles Schultz used his own sense of alienation,insecurity and inferiority to draw real feelings of his life. Growing up in the 1950s, I was that same round-faced kid named Charlie Brown, and in love with a little red haird girl that I didn't have the courage to even go up and say hi to. I've read every Peanuits comic strip there is.

david byrne

Charlie Brown's love of baseball. Snoopy to Linus Double play, with spit. Lucy always complaining in Right Field. Charlie Brown loosing his shoes on line drives up the middle.

Olivia Robertson

The drawing style

pat de rose

always loved snoopy!!!

Lauren Butler

I love peanuts because it reminds me of reading the comics with my dad.

Danny Burleson

I love Peanuts because . . . Happiness Is Peanuts.
~Danny Burleson

Jim Brenneman

I love Peanuts because it's the right thing to do.

Robert Kidd

I love Peanuts because it was the most consistently well written comic strip ever produced. Humor, message, insight, this one had it all. It is dearly missed.

Anjum Ahmed

I love Peanuts because it's incredibly enriched of timeless concepts and humour, subsequently it allows it to be an experience which can be shared and discussed across multiple generations.


I love Peanuts because I can relate to Charlie Brown.

David Adams

I love Peanuts because of Snoopy!
- David Adams

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