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Haji Hakim

My previous comment didn't seem to show up. Weird. - Haji Hakim

Markku Siira

Yeah. -Markku Siira-

Dale Stout

That's what AM radio is for :)

Larry Bailey

One of my favorite strips. Larry Bailey

Becky Evans

Thanks for the Chance!! Becky Evans

Jeff Faulwell

Yes! I can relate to this! Jeffrey Faulwell

William Schorie

read every morning on the train to work. William Schorie

Renee Miller

Renee Miller

Zachary Snyder

Man I hope I win!
Zachary Snyder

David Adams

Nice! Here's hoping I win that print!
- David Adams

Chris Macdonald

Been reading Drabble since I was a kid. Couldn't wait to get Saturday's paper with the multi-paged colored comics!

Richard Frisby

Rich Frisby
I love Drabble sometimes I think Mr Fagan got the dirt about my family

Michael Pohrer

Woo Hoo! I need me some Drabble to brighten up my walls.
Michael Pohrer

A Facebook User

Davy Jones

I remember when Drabble first came out. I used to read it daily until the Houston Post went under YEARS ago. By years, I mean like back in the eighties when people wore clocks on bracelets.
I have been reading regularly for YEARS now... but not since the eighties. It took a while for the internet to drag me back into reading all the strips I was missing. The strip is as fresh as it was back when a Cell Phone was a jail with a telephone.
Davy Jones - Creator of Charmy's Army and Founder of Okra Comics

Sherry Snyder

Sherry Snyder

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