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I cant believe you're not more popular because you definitely have the gift...transactionalfundingfl.com

Tim Harrod

I have read DC Simpson's work since O&M. I also want a free thing.

Jacob Burdette

I am down with that print.
-Jacob Burdette

Tim Harrod

I, Tim Harrod, would like to win a thing, ever.

Richard Braley

Would love to give this beautiful print to my grand daughter Lily.
-Richrd Braley

Cathy Moscariello

How cute! I would love to win this :)

Marvin Jung

Awesome print!!!!

James Holzhauer

Great piece.
James Holzhauer

Jacob Burdette

I am down with that print.
-Jacob Burdette

Teresa Allison

I love this strip so much, I bought 2 of the tee shirts. I think Maury French should win it, if he really is "an old fart".

Teresa Allison

virgil rowe

Virgil Rowe love the comic I've been collecting comics for about 30 years. I collect them for my kids so they will have something to remember me. I don't get to spend time with them because I travel for work in the construction field and I know I don't have many years left till I can't work anymore. reading comics is the only thing that keeps me sane.

Robin Nabbing

Love to read Heavenly Nostrils.
-Robin Nabbing

Kristen Chapman

Me: Sis, you have to read Heavenly Nostrils! It reminds me of you; it is about a girl and a unicorn!

Sis: Am I the girl or the Unicorn?

Me: YES!!
-Kristen Chapman

Ben Ito

It would make my day to get this
- Ben Ito

Sarah Troedson

I love the Heavenly Nostrils comic and have since the first day it was on GoComics.
-Sarah Troedson

Joshua Douglas Whiting

I am DEFINITELY man enough to hang a print of a little girl and her unicorn in my room!

Scott Russell

My 8 yr. old daughter would treasure this, she loves your strip!

Cathy Moscariello

How cute!! Would love to win this!

Philip Fowler

I would like this!
- Philip Fowler

Michael Rasinsky

Who can say no to an unicorn?
Michael Rasinsky


Colin Ybarra, longtime Dana Simpson fan.

Markku Siira

Yes. -Markku Siira-

Jordan Muntz

Pretty please! I love this comic and it's Calvin and Hobbes-esque feel!
-Jordan Muntz

Benjamin Jani

Benjamin Jani

Jerry Modene

Beautiful print from a beautiful person. I'd love to win this.

Jerry Modene

Tommy Ho


francis reuter

i love the comic

Darlene Vendegna

I love this comic strip. This print is especially adorable.
I tell everyone who will listen about the great talent that is Dana Simpson!!


Darlene Vendegna

Joseph Tedescucci

For the love of Unicorns and Goblins. Blaart.
Joseph Tedescucci

Jason Rideout

-Jason Rideout

James Logue

Nice print. Pick me.
James Logue


Sharif Shakhshir

James Adams

Great comic, Ozy and Millie is cool too!

James Adams

Scott Russell

My 8 yr old daughter would treasure this!

Allison Kulp

Allison Kulp

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson

Michael Rider

Tea parties are magic.

-Michael Rider

Overton Leslie Hallford

Overton Hallford
I would be *Happy, happy, happy!!!* to win this print.

Rachel Meenan

Hoping to win. XD
Rachel Meenan

jeff burgess

Jeff Burgess

Greg Morrow

Greg Morrow

What a wonderful strip, I love its whimsy, charm, humor, and art.

Brett Nelson

This is my favorite standalone art piece Dana has done for the comic, so I definitely want to win. ~ Brett Nelson

Ben Ito

would be too happy to get this
Ben Ito

Renee Burton

I love this strip! I would love to win this!

Renee Burton

Maury French

I have been reading since day one. I am an old fart and therefore most deserving of the print. We old farts like our comics too you know.
Maury French

John Weber

I'm John Weber, I'm your Comic Strip Critic, and Heavenly Nostrils was my Top Comic of 2013 award winning strip!


Simon Skiles

Very cool. I have entered! --:)

Kurt Kohler

Me want!

Kurt Kohler

Philipp Beckers

Love it, want it!

Doug Wykstra

I like how the end of Marigold's tail always looks like a flame.

-Doug Wykstra

Preston Moore

Do want please!
~Preston Moore

Joyce Benzing

Luv the art of this one!

Victoria Hartley

This comic has helped me relive my childhood innocence

William Hughes

That's a great print!

Mataata von Fawks (Abigail)

Eeek! Soooo cool!
--Name: Abigail Shoemake

Jared Rosenfeld

The Comic Strip Critic sent me here.
-Jared Rosenfeld

Doug Puthoff

HEAVENLY NOSTRILS is a great strip, and the print is adorable!

Danny Fry

Awesome strip!

Curtis Hoffmann

Curtis Hoffmann

Navy Bean

I like unicorns... especially their blood.

David Hurley

Beautiful print! David Hurley

Dale Stout


Janet Davis

Oooo I LOVE this. It's one of the comics I read. Janet Davis

Austin O'Connell-Milne

i hope i win love marigold classic comic ! - Austin O'Connell-Milne

Pedro Silva

Pedro Silva going at it!

Andrew Shuping

WANT!! Love Dana's art

Andrew Shuping

Jerry Withers

Long live Phoebe Grizelda Howell and Marigold Heavenly Nostrils! That's all I'm sayin'... ;-)

Zachary Snyder

Cool, I hope I win!
-Zachary Snyder

David Adams

Nice print.
- David Adams

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