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Dale Stout

I remembered the snow sharks, but not the others. House of horrors, brain surgery, not enough homework...great stuff.


A lot of younger readers don't know that Watterson was inspired by Schulz for his snowman gags. GoComics should show all the Peanuts snowman strips from the 60s that these were based on.


I got the Calvin and Hobbes Anthology for Christmas. Enjoying every moment.

When it's covered like this--intensely on one topic--my side is sore from all the laughing!


Thanks Dave, you almost make the next cold front worth it, o heck, you do make it OK.

Peter G. KUntz

Nice to see how much Watterson admires Charles Schultz and the ground breaking work he did with Peanuts.

Jim T

It was more like a bipolar vortex.

David Milmine

love Calvin and Hobbes ... remember most of these ... but they are always great to see !

Craig DeLillo

I have all the books. They were my favorite

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