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Dave Coates

In Ryan's defense, two points:

1) 3-D representations aren't canon, they're terrible. In "Pac-Man 2," I'm pretty sure he has a day job.

2) In the most recent Pac-Man release, the DX series, he's eyeless. As "DX" stands for "deluxe," coupled with the graphical processing capabilities of modern consoles, Namco had ample ability to add eyes, yet chose not to. I think we can agree that the only one blinking in his world is that one ghost Blinky, whose name I knew from memory because I've made terrible choices in my life. Canon!

I bet there's a German word that could best express what I'm currently feeling, which is a combination of intense pride over being able to go the distance on this debate, coupled with deep shame over being able to go the distance on this debate. Whatta thrill!

John W Kennedy

Actually, although the original video game shows him without eyes, virtually all other 2-D representations give him black dots. 3-D representations often give him whites, as well, but these versions also have arms and legs.

Dave Coates

Fellas, fellas... what you're missing here is the fact that while the video game version of Mr. Man navigates his mazes through echolocation, the giant monster version is a distinct creature who merely bares a resemblance-- the juxtaposition with the teenage gamer is but a coincidence. Think of Godzilla-- just because he sort of looks like a gila monster doesn't mean that gila monsters are all Godzilla. I'll see you both at your desks tomorrow morning for my richly deserved high-fives of acquiescence.


Purists often lose in the comic strip marketplace.


Well, almost no complaints...


Get off my lawn, you big yellow hooligan! Your face is all wrong!

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