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David Adams

It's REALLY hard to pick my favorite life lesson, but I suppose it'd be to never give up that childhood playfulness.
- David Adams

Chris Lees

My favorite life lesson is to own a pet. No matter how bad your day is, you forget it all when your pet cuddles with you as soon as you get home.

Jonnathan Baquero

It's incredibly hard to pick a favorite, but mine might be that adults are actually dinosaurs.

Smitty Bowers

The life lesson for me is to not put any limits on your imagination.

ken nichols

Imagination can take you wherever you want to go.

Kathy Tucker

Calvin's dad taught me how stuff works
Kathy Tucker

Johnny Zheng

Favourite life lesson: You can always have an adventure no matter where you are :D

Cheryl Albrecht

you are only as limited as your dreams.. if you dream it you can be it..
- Cheryl Albrecht

Tommy Unitas

Miss Wormwood is very much in need of a vacation!!!

sheila hooker

My life lesson has been "this too shall pass." It's gotten me through miserable exams and visits to the dentist.

Todd Brown

Live life your own unique way.

gregory tyminski

girls are booger brains!

Karen Webb

There's always tomorrow! Karen webb

Lynnea Ossello

Nothing is better than a good friend!

Lori Wawro

Imagination is the best friend of all!

Meredith Ford

Don't take life too seriously! Meredith Ford

Kyle Newman

Never forget your child hood friends and how they impact your imagination.

Michele Copping

I learned to never lose your sense of wonder and imagination.

Frank Labis

Dream it, then be it.

Karen Webb

There's always tomorrow!

David McClain

Adults never really appreciate true imagination and creativity as much as they say they do.

Harold Jack

Is this a trick question?

Andrew Rogas

"Verbing weirds language." I enjoy wordplay. :)
Thanks for the contest!

Shelly Robbins

I love Calvin and Hobbes! The life lesson I learned from reading Calvin and Hobbes is never be afraid to use your imagination! Shelly Robbins

William Walker

Live with the best imagination you can create.
William Walker

Scott Spaulding

Calvin is everyone's inner child given flight....My Hobbes was a white stuffed monkey named Nilla!

Jim Benson

Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.

Jim Benson

Ed OHara

I bought all the Calvin & Hobbs books for my son when he was young. I'd love to win this set so he may pass them ontp his children. Thank you!

Al claure

I live and love this comic strip

Dale Stout

Have fun in life.

John Weber

Things are never quite as scary when you've got a best friend.

My name is John Weber, and I'm your Comic Strip Critic.

Scott Lanni

that a crdboard box can be almost anything

Doug Johnson

lol That while procrastination may have consequencess alot tf the time the fun you had is more than worth it

Erik rice

There's treasure everywhere!
Erik Rice

Nick Frayser

Though I learned a lot from them, the most important lesson I learned from Calvin and Hobbes is that Calvin is a terrible role model.

Ryan Gibb

Calvin taught me that it is ok to live in your own world with your own best friend!

Renee Miller

There's magic in everyday things like boxes and snow. Renee Miller

Jim D'Angelo

"There's treasure everywhere"
Jim D'Angelo

Beth Ann Eftink

Imagination is an awesome gift and you should take full advantage of it!
-Beth Ann Eftink

Sean Connell

Imagination is the key to getting through life. That and the companionship of a good (preferably fuzzy) friend.

A Facebook User

What an awesome contest!!!

My life lesson I learned from C&H is that "it is good to dream". Calvin speaks to the lil' dreamer in all of us. Dream big and believe!!!!!!!!

- Davy Jones

Jeff Hollon

Be unique!

Larry  Schultz

We should leave math to the machines and go outside and play.

Diego Pizarro

Consequentalist philosophy of ethics is ludicrous and self-refuting. As Calvin claims that the "end justify the means" and it's a "dog eats dog world", Hobbes simply pushes him off to a puddle of mud, pinpointing the paradox behind Calvin's hypocritical reasoning. With this, I've learned that ethics in life do not rely on pragmatic intuition. Instead, ethics are objective and metaphysical, independent from human thought. I read Calvin and Hobbes as a philosophy book, which could explain how much I began to appreciate it as I grew older... and how much I've learned.

Faline Rowland

I love Calvin and Hobbs. Remember, you're never too old to be a kid and have a a Tyger for a best friend.

Daniel Gillespie

Imaginary friends can help you through real difficulties.

Cookie Walbridge

No matter what it looks like to others, own it. My favorite is when Calvin took an epic tumble and came back with "Ta-DAAAA!"
Cookie Walbridge

Jeff Rochford

Don't hold your nose when you sneeze or your eyes will pop out.

Linda Ondatje

Adventure is everywhere...even in tapioca pudding. LINDA ONDATJE

Curtis Hoffmann

This is going to be a crowded contest...
Curtis Hoffmann

Don Mathias

The power if Imagination is a very powerful thing indeed.
-Don Mathias

Nick Riedel

My favorite life lesson that Calvin and Hobbes presents is to never limit your child hood dreams. Even if they may seem silly, you should always follow the dreams that you may have- you never know where they could take you!

Bob Pownall

"It's a magical world - let's go exploring!"

Julie witek

Julie Witek

Sonya DeBerte

The greatest gift of all is imagination!

jim kitson

wish he come back

Cynthia Martini-Kreckman

Always loved Calvin and Hobbes, best life lesson was about living life to the fullest and going as far as your imagination will take you.

Mari Mills

~ <3 One's childhood is ever precious . . . don't EVER let it go away! Stay young at heart. <3 O:) (Y) Mari Mills


I guess the "life lesson" I took away from Calvin and Hobbes is to always try to fit a little bit of escapism/entertainment into my day. - Timothy Fisher

Eric Payne

That growing up wasn't weird.

Patrick Wire

Crazy works.

Kelsey Huston

Life is full of surprises, but never when you need one.

Gerald  Stuber

Check the course for obstacles first. Gerald Stuber

Ian O'Gara

Find insight through being in Nature.

Jazmyn M.

My biggest life lesson from C&H was to never, ever, EVER put Crisco in your damn hair.
It doesn't work like in the comic. Instead of being like gel or pomade, it just kind of...gunks everything up. You end up with what look like bone straight, heavy, greasy dreds.
My mom flipped balls, and it took a full week to finally wash out.
Didn't need a deep conditioning treatment for a while, though...

Teresa Smith

An ordinary day is an adventure!

David Nguyen

Live your life, do what you have to do, but never grow up.

irma duarte

that having a best friend makes life a lot more fun...

George Gant

No matter what, make the best of your imagination.


I learned the value of snowman art and how your imagination can take you where ever you want to go.

Mike Jones

The life lesson I learned was that I wasn't a little terror, I was just a kid ;)

Ive Pieterick

Still my all time favorite comic. Can't get enough of Calvin and Hobbes. Ivette Pieterick

Justin Nash

My papa (RIP) shared Calvin & Hobbes as our own inside thing. The rest of the family didn't get it. Would LOVE to have those memories in one book!
-Justin Nash

austin oconnell milne

ileared not to care what people think of you

Steven Dalrymple

Let your imagination take you where it will. Even if you and your little red wagon go careening off a cliff.

Marvin jung

My best life lesson from Calvin & Hobbes that I STILL follow to this day is to never lose my imagination and creativity. I may not have a stuffed Tiger, but I always kept what he represented.....copilot, fellow soldier in battle, a littany of wonderful things kept me going and in the future when I have a child (I'm getting married next month) I'm going to share that creative enthusiasm with my future child.


Never surprise a sleeping tiger. Really, that's the most important lesson in life.

Jimmie Bise

Never surprise a sleeping tiger. Really, that's the most important lesson in life.

Justin Bell

Go exploring!
-Justin Bel

Kodie Egenolf

My favorite life lesson from Calvin and Hobbes is that your life can always be a great adventure no matter if your in the snow, a sandbox, driving in a car or falling asleep to a children's story. It's that the small things in life like your first stuffed animal help make you the person you are today.

Justin Bell

Go Exploring!
-Justin Bell


Sometimes I think the surest sign intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is the fact that none of it has tried to contact us.

Eric Prosise

Always try to find the adventure in life.

wendy mah

Imagination is a portal to a better life

Rene Caza

If I've learned anything from Calvin & Hobbes it's that scientific progress goes "boink".

Bryan Black

Calvin and Hobbes taught me that your imagination can take you anywhere, and never stop having one.

Jenna Searra

Jenna Searra: That friendship doesn't just have one mood to it. There are many moods to a real friendship, many experiences, and in the end: that's what makes up a true bond of love. -Jenna Searra, 24.

Daniel Canfield

My favorite life lesson from calvin and hobbes is that being miserable builds character, but things are not as bad as they seem when you{ve got a best friend. My name is Daniel Canfield.

Luis Torres

best lesson is simply to keep the imaginative kid in you, always.

Chris Rivers

It's a magical world, so go exploring.

Erin Robb

Wars are best fought with water balloons and snowballs. Dream on!

Erin Robb

Kyle McKinnon

Imaginination is everything! Kyle McKinnon

Erin Robb

Wars are best fought with water balloons and snowballs! Dream on!

Erin Robb

Ram Gandhi Arumugaperumal

Use your imagination to change your outlook over a situation or a problem.
Ram Gandhi Arumugaperumal

Zeke Veazey

My favorite life lesson from Calvin & Hobbes?

Some days, not even your lucky rocketship underwear helps.


My favorite life lesson of many is "being miserable builds character... but it's not as bad when you've got a best tiger friend". Daniel Canfield.

Dennis Barbosa

"Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend."

Natalie Newman

Calvin and Hobbes taught me that youth isn't about age. It's a state of mind. It's the ability to see the simplest thing as the potential for something great, thrilling, scary, and fantastic.

Praveen Hosmane

Your alter ego, or inner voice if you will, is your best friend.

Praveen Hosmane

Your alter ego or inner voice if you will, is your best friend.

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