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Miguel Marques dos Santos

Please choose me. Miguel Marques dos Santos

Monica Allen

My 9 year old son loves Foxtrot! Hope we win... Monica Allen

christopher harenr

thanks for the chance
christopher harner

Chana Lustiger

Chana Lustiger

Mary Catherine Headley

Poor Roger...he needs more coffee before dealing with Jason in the a.m.! Mary Catherine Headley

Erin DeLaney

MMMM, pancakes...
Erin DeLaney

Larry Bailey

Thanks for a great comic. Larry Bailey

Tony Savoni

Bring back Fox Trot! - Tony Savoni


Oh WOW. Look at where technology is taking the "art" of making breakfast and reading comics. ha, ha. This is GREAT.
Scott Alan Blanchard


I love comics! Geza Bakonyi

Geza Bakonyi

I love comics! Geza Bakonyi

Geza Bakonyi

I love comics! Geza Bakonyi

Yuen Mun

Foxtrot is one of my favourite series ever!~Amend fan from Singapore
-Yuen Mun

Joyce Benzing


Andrea Patrick

Andrea Patrick is a big FoxTrot fan. I would love to win it.

John Graziani

Always love Foxtrot. Great comic strip- John Graziani

Jonas Rosin

Love FoxTrot!

John Graziani

Always love Foxtrot. Great comic strip

Sonya DeBerte

I would love this! The comic is only once a week here, not enough! Sonya DeBerte

Jennifer Brindley

Love Fox Trot and would love to win. :) Jennifer Brindley

Kathy Tucker

Foxtrot has been my favorite for years!
Kathy Tucker

John Graziani

Always loved Foxtrot. Really funny stuff.

John Graziani

Always loved Foxtrot

Robin Nabbing

All right, sweet!
-Robin Nabbing

Jeannine Emmelot-Pruim

Jeannine Emmelot, I love FoxTrot so much I bought Bill Amend's math app the day it was released!!

Noah Sturdevant

I'm a big Foxtrot fan. I wish it would go back to 7x a week.

Jennifer Susannah Devore

Whilst I do not have a Quincy of my own, I do care for a number of creatures in my titles: most anthropomorphic, some simple dears. Perchance, inspired by years of reading "FoxTrot", a Quincyesque character might make it into my series of historical-fiction novels someday! :D

Cheers, Mr. Amend and Messrs. Jason & Quincy!

Jose Giammarino

Cool, thanks for the chance!

- Jose Giammarino

Mark Weissglass

I discovered this comic, and it, along with Calvin and Hobbes was (and still is) my childhood. Mark Weissglass

teri partridge

I would love to own this signed print!!! teri partridge

Jim Benson

Love these contests - Jim Benson

Sandra Washington

I love all of the math and science references--and I would love to win a signed comic!! Sandra Washington


I would love to win this. :D Tina Mason

Chris Conrad

Winner, winner pancake dinner...ur, breakfast!

Keith Torak

Cant beat a classic. Keith Torak

John Weber

MY name is John Weber, and Foxtrot was one of my favorite comics growing up, second only to Calvin and Hobbes!

Laura Holland

HAHAHA!!!! I can`t even pronounce some of those words. (like football..... :P ) Laura Holland

Jeff Barber

Still waiting for the anthology of all the mathematics themed strips. Thanks, Jeff Barber

Brendan Kolada

This would be awesome!

Bill Smart

Great strip! Bill Smart

Jeri Barnard

Love the Math references in Fox Trot!! Jeri Barnard

Marvin jung

oh man this has got to be mine!

Andrew Rogas

Can you make my pancakes in the shape of Tetris pieces so that I eat them when I create a line? Make as many as you can. :)
Sincerely, Andrew Rogas.

Justin Brownell

I love foxtrot! One of the most clever and funny comics out there!

-Justin Brownell-

Wayne Chow

Love FoxTrot, Wayne Chow

Sherry Snyder

Sherry Snyder

Chris Lees

Love Fox Trot!

Haji Hakim

This looks amazing - I hope I'll win! Amend to that.
-Haji Hakim

A Facebook User

I would LOVE this!!!! Gonna start me a cartoon art wall in my studio... This would be my first piece to hang should I win!!! What a way to start a collection, right?

- Davy Jones

Zachary Snyder

Aw man this would be sweet! Hope I win!

Zachary Snyder

Curtis Hoffmann

Yay, Darjeeling tea!
Curtis Hoffmann

Meredith Ford

I adore Foxtrot. Bill Amend is brilliant. Please pick me! Meredith Ford

Michael Pohrer

Oh Yes! Bill Amend rocks the funny pages.
Michael Pohrer

Shlomo Snyder

Pick me!
Shlomo Snyder

David Adams

Foxtrot is one of my all-time favorite comics!
- David Adams

Linda Thwing

Linda Thwing wrote the previous comment. I understood that my name would show up when I filled it in above my email address.

Linda Thwing

This is so great. Peter made a good choice considering the game this year!

James Logue

One of my Favorites
Maybe I'll win this one.
James Logue

Renee Miller

One on my all time favorite comics. Renee Miller

Andrew Shuping

Please, please let me win. FoxTrot is my favorite. Andrew Shuping

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