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David Adams

If it'd been me, the "strange disturbance" would've felt like a punch in the gut.
- David Adams

Andrew Shuping

I must have this, please, please, please! thatababy is my favorite strip that I've found in the last two years! Andrew Shuping

Troy Peterson

Thatababy AND Star Wars in the same strip. Ahahahaha. I want it. Can I have it? I'll hang it on the wall between my two fx light sabers.

Zachary Snyder

That strip looks awesome, would love to win it and get it framed!

Zachary Snyder

Pedro Silva

I would feel stangely disturbed if I didn't participate in this one. Pedro Silva.

Matt Thompson

Since the end of "Cul de Sac", "Thatababy" has probably been my favorite strip. Matt Thompson

Michael Pohrer

Thatababy is a good daily read.

Michael Pohrer

Alex Gerlach

Part of me died reading this... haha, priceless (pun intended)
Alex Gerlach

Tony Savoni

I know that feeling - Tony Savoni

Shane  Snider

Must have a high Metachlorian count.

Matt LaFond

I would probably cry if that happened to me
-Matt LaFond

Donna Watson

Love the combination!

Donna Watson


I hope I win. :D

Teresa Allison

I remember my nephew doing that every time he bought a new one.

Teresa Allison

Dawn Masterson

my kids NEVER understood "collectibles". they cut the tags off beanie babies because they "hurt my baby's ear". they opened my MIB Spock figure so they could flick his ears. they played cars with all my Hallmark "here comes santa" ornaments. but i still love my kids! and i love thatababy. his imagination is boundless.

Mike Essency

Read this online everyday. Love it.

Lee Collier

I am Lee Collier and I am commenting on this to win a prize.

Yesenia Mozo

Thatababy is hilarious and it reminds me of my little sis...
~Yesenia Mozo

Christopher Patterson

Such a family friendly comic! Love it every day!

Christopher Patterson

Kathy Jackson

What's a baby to do?

Sue Taber

Thatababy and Star Wars is the best combination! Sue Taber

chris albert

Best...Comic Strip...EVER! Thank you Paul for sharing your talent. Chris Albert

Deanna Williams

This is one of the strips that made me fall in love with Thatababy!

Annette Williams

From Annette Williams: My son and his wife would SO love this! They're expecting a baby and he's a huge Star Wars fan! :)

Todd Soule

Uh, oh, Paul. Something tells me that Bridger may have performed a similar surgery in your collection? Oh, well, "Always emotions, the future."

Shelly Robbins

Thatababy is so cool! Shelly Robbins

Paul Case

If I win this I'll proudly show it to all my friends and tell them "It's a Trap!"
-Paul Case

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