Darryl Heine

Do I still have a chance to win now?
Darryl Heine

Charlene Crisp

I love love love the Peanuts gang!

David García Herrera

I claim your charity! :D

Jack Stacey

No one ever understood the delicate balance between the good things and the bad things about life in quite the same way as Charles Schulz did.

Jack Stacey

clarissa stewart

I love the Peanuts! Clarissa Stewart

Jeff Faulwell

Jeffrey Faulwell

Peanuts has always been the best, and always my favorite!

Sandra Schwarzbach

Loved Peanuts forever. Was in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" 2x. Sandee Schwarzbach


One of this days i'll win something
-Daniel Canfield

sam coleman

sam coleman


Peanuts is a classic

William Taylor

Been reading Peanuts since I was a kid and I still love it
- William Taylor

Jacob Vandenbosch

Jacob VandenBosch

Brian Hall

"Peanuts" has made such a huge impact on my life. This would be cool to win.

Brian Hall

Joyce Benzing

I love when Charlie Brown's head was this shape!

mike ross

A timeless comic strip.

Bob Pownall

This would have a proud place on my walls.
Bob Pownall

Eileen Wells

I have loved Peanuts since forever!!!! I need this to add to my shrine for them.

Henry Sand

I have a spot for this. Thank you

Tom Falco

Woot! Tom Falco

Gary Peters

Gary Peters
This strip is funny

Diana Arneson

Diana Arneson Grew up with those great tv specials!

Mark Favreault

Mark Favreault auuuuugh

Mark Scheef

Mmmmm.... Peanuts. Mark Scheef

Markku Siira

P-nuts! -Markku Siira-

Joey H. Reyna

Woodstock Rocks!

Amanda Almeida

Please pick me, I'll cherish it forever!

Jeri Barnard

Would be great to win!!
Jeri Barnard

Jovan Bone

<3 Peanuts! - Jovan Bone

Dale Stout

Two cool :)

Mick Lowry

Way to go, Charles (Sparky) Schulz.

Mick Lowry

Kristopher Jolly

Alright since this is my second post, I certainly hope that I shall win this classic first Peanuts strip twice..

Mike Ostresh

Love Peanuts!

Joshua odom

Joshua Odom. Happiness is a Warm Puppy.

Haji Hakim

Good ol' Charlie Brown....

John Hilt

Even after all these years I STILL LOVE reading the Peanuts strip in my daily paper " The Windsor Star. " It would be so cool to win that print.

Darlene Vendegna

Oooh I really hope I get it. The strip or a dance gig a la Chorus Line. ;-)

Nacho Nova

Nacho Nova!

Cheryl Granger

I would love this!
Cheryl Granger

Angela Pratt

Peanuts! A perennial favourite!

Angela Pratt Mizgala

Karla Enriquez

I would love to win this one!
Karla Enriquez

Austin O'Connell-Milne

huge fan Austin O'Connell-Milne

Tim Neumann

who doesnt love the peanuts? :)
Tim Neumann

Meredith Ford

Yay!! Meredith Ford

Paige Pipitone

Love those Peanuts!!
~ Paige Pipitone

Patrick Wire

Plenty of Penguins: How I hate it!

Mary Catherine Headley

Mary Catherine Headley as Woodstock would say "! !!!! !!!!!!!" And I agree, because I love Peanuts too! Crossing fingers AND toes, and clutching my security blanket (I promise I'll return it Linus!)

Jeane Simpson

i have the little paperbacks full of the strips from Scholastic growing up but 'lost' them when i had to move my stuff out of my parents' house. Would love to have have a reminder of those great strips! ~jeane simpson~

John Cambridge

John Cambridge

Ashley Idell

Ashley Idell
Huge fans 😄

Robin Nabbing

This is just great. Robin Nabbing

gwen reeves

peanuts is my favorite comic! i love snoopy and woodstock. gwen reeves

Andrew Murphy

Peanuts is timeless and awesome.

Erin DeLaney

Erin DeLaney

Robert Forbes

Rob Forbes what a great prize. I'd love to own this.

Allen Lewis

I'm the same age as Charlie Brown! I started reading the strips when they first appeared in the Newspaper. The first book I bought with my first allowance was "Happiness is a Warm Puppy" by Charles Schulz!

Luis Fernandez

Luis Fernandez - My father just turned 80 and he LOVES Peanuts. This would be great for him!

Ted Hager

Have paperback and hard cover books of many of the strips, would love this.

Amanda Almeida

I want to win so bad! Everyone delete your entries!!

Marie Maziarz

I love Snoopy and the entire Peanuts Gang!!! I have been a huge fan since I was little.... I am now 46.... I would love to win this to add to my Peanuts Collection!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Nathanael Cole

Nathanael Cole

Bryce Crittenden

Bryce Crittenden

Aaron Blackman

Aaron Blackman.

Danny Burleson

Poor ol' Chuck.
~Danny Burleson

Michael Leary

Peanuts Forever!

Brett Sovereign

Good ol' Charlie Brown!

Brett Sovereign

Jim Benson

Like so many others, I grew up with Peanuts in my life.
Jim Benson

Troy Peterson

I haven't won one of these things yet but I keep trying. This would look awesome in my office next to my Pogo print.

Chris Helton

Such a great strip.

Kevin Dake

Grew up with the Peanuts gang, and still read everyday, Kevin Dake

Nathan Viney

Such a powerful and brilliant comic. And so cool how the style developed

Ramon Garza

35 yrs old and I still love Peanuts like I did when I was a kid. Cant wait for the Peanuts movie.
Ramon Garza

Craig Taylor

Would love to have this piece. Peanuts have been my favorite since I was a kid.

Michael Phelps

Fun stuff.
Michael Phelps

James Loyd


Jennifer Brindley

Peanuts was my first "favorite" cartoon.


Being from MN, Peanuts have a special place in my heart!

- Jason Nickolay

Mike Diliberto

I would love that!
-Mike Diliberto

Joshua Lim

I love the first Peanuts strip . . . it shows how much the Peanuts' characters have changed (in appearance) from the first strip to the last

- Joshua Lim

Jonathan Berger

Jonathan Berger

Michael Pohrer

I'll give it a shot to score cool Peanuts swag.
Michael Pohrer

Ben Wheeler

I love Peanuts… and cashews too!

Ben Wheeler

Chris Fitzgarrald

There will never be another Charles Schultz. His work on Peanuts was classic.

mike luck

My 92 year old father was big fan of Peanuts.
He made sure he read it everyday before he did his crosswords puzzles.
His day was not complete without both.

Alan Barlow

Alan Barlow says: I would treasure this print as if it were my own child, the fruit of my loins, the apple of my eye, my raison d'être, the sum total of my very existence to this point.

John Read

What does it say that "Peanuts" is still going strong, in newspapers, licensed products, a comic book, advertising, and with a brand new feature length movie on the way?! Sparky may be gone, but his wonderful creation continues to delight, generation after generation.

Zach Drennan

Zachary Drennan (I thought of putting "Joseph Cool"...)

Rob Peters

Good ol' Charlie Brown
Rob Peters

Don Choquette

Always my favorite Comic! Love his work! It is a tribute that they did not choose to push on like some of the other comics did after his death!

John Slovak

Not a big fan myself but a coworker is, He was able to chat with Charles Schultz at a coffee shop in a bowling alley. I would be thrilled to be able to give this to him for a wedding present that he has coming up.

Jennifer Susannah Devore

San Diego Comic-Con celebrated Peanuts' 60th anniversary in 2010; I was fortunate to have an article on Peanuts published in that year's SDCC Souvenir Book: "The First Beagle on the Moon". Happily, TIME magazine picked up on it and cited my piece in their 2012 article, "Don't Call It A Comeback, Charlie Brown". http://tinyurl.com/n5uwd6f

Yes, indeed, Peanuts holds a very special place in my heart.


Jennifer Susannah Devore

Wes Sedrel

What was the date (can't read it)? '50? U would have been 8. If I win it will go to my grandchildren.

Chris Lees

Peanuts rule!
Chris Lees



Lisandro Gaertner

Hope I win!


I am a life peanuts fan! I love Charlie,snoopy and the rest of the gang!

Tanner Riche

I wish to win the print. I love Peanuts! Charles Schulz's legacy will live on, and so will Charlie, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, and the rest of the gang... thank you CS for the many many years of laughs, dances, and smiles.

Robin Crossman

Peanuts represents the very best of what a comic strip can be. - Robin Crossman

Wes Reimer

I really love Peanuts and the whole gang.

Travis McClinton

Oh I would love this one.

Paul Bellefeuille

I've been a Peanuts fan ever since I was given "Peanuts: The Game of Charlie Brown and His Pals" as a birthday gift back in 1960. yeah I wish I still had it. Long Live Charlie Brown!!
Paul Bellefeuille

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