Tracy Rich

Have loved Calvin and Hobbes for a long time and have passed on the obsession to my nieces and nephews - Tracy Rich

Péter Nagy

Péter Nagy

Maciej Panas

I'd love one - Maciej Panas

Roberto Bonilla

Roberto Bonilla!

Steve Bye

You have to love Calvin & his buddy Hobbes...my son was just like Calvin when the C& H franchise was active. I would love to add one of these fine prints to my family room wall as a walk down memory

Mike Diliberto

I want one!

-Mike Diliberto

Michael Walsh

Michael Walsh

Cory Huff

Cory Huff

Jon Franklin

Jon Franklin

Jon Bachman

I have loved Calvin and Hobbes since I was 5 I am 29now and still love the comics

Joey Burnett

Joey Burnett

Gary Hilliard

Thanks for opportunity!

Jason Auxier

Love C n H!

Bree MIller

I have been a fan for as long as I can remember and would love one of these!

Debby Clarkson

The would be fabulous. I have loved Calvin from the very beginning and continue to love this today

Cory Cassis

Please let me win.

Suse Pache


Scott Beatty

Love Calvin & Hobbes! Brings me back to my childhood!

Daniel Murphy

Now this would sit with pride on the wall in my house :)

Daniel Murphy

Eli Ross

Hope I win!! I love Calvin & Hobbes!

Phoebe Pond

C&H are my favorite!

Christopher Smith

Great Job on 200,000 likes!

Jennifer Howard

Jennifer Howard

Jay Carr

Jay Carr would like to win. Thanks!

Jack Maloy

Thank you Calvin and Hobbes for making me smile so many times over the years!

Julie Horst

This would hang in my study!! Julie Horst

John Chaparro

Great Idea, I hope I win!

Sam Jordan

Sam Jordan
<3 C&H

Aaron Zober

Aaron Zober

Kendall Vrana

Absolutely adore Calvin and Hobbes.

Kendall Vrana

Christy Edwards

I have a wall that would be perfect for one of these!

Christy Edwards

Josh Piant

Yes please.
- Josh Piant

Geoffrey Hidden

It would be INCREDIBLE to get one of these!!!
-Geoffrey Hidden

Jason Colon

Jason Colon

Paula Harpster

I love Calvin AND Hobbes!

hector aguilar

congratulations, hector aguilar

Liz Mikoda

Liz Mikoda would like one!

Patty Van Pelt

I would really like one - my favorite cartoon!!! Love Calvin and Hobbes!

Robin Arsenault

Robin Arsenault

Zack Babins

Zachary Babins

scott kent

Scott Kent
oh yeah!

Joël Foramitti

I'd be honored :D

David Moore

David Moore

Patrick Collins

Calvin and Hobbes is the best!!

Scott Fitzpatrick

Would love to win!
Scott Fitzpatrick

Mike Fogarty

Mike Fogarty

Thomas Earley

I am surprised only 200k, this is the greatest cartoon strip ever done.

Steven W

Steven Ward!! Pretty Please :)

Samadrita Das

Samadrita Das

Ana Maria Bonomi Barufi

Calvin and Hobbes are not only part of my childhood, they inspire me even today :)
Ana Barufi

Paul Cornick


George Wallace

George Wallace III

Huw Stacey

C&H was funny when I discovered it as a teenager. It's even funnier now as a parent!

Mike Aurin

Mike Aurin

A great piece for a long time collector!

Erik Unstad

So much awesomeness.

- Erik Unstad

Antoine Desitter

I need one !
Antoine Desitter

Marie-Jeanne Jacob

Love! Marie-Jeanne Jacob

Spencer Phelps

Spencer Phelps

Brittnee Brophy

I would love to win, been a huge Calvin & Hobbes fan all my life! Brittnee Brophy

Lorrie Zellmer

Calvin & Hobbes is the best comic strip ever!

pedro manzano

Pedro Manzano


Oh fabulous idea !
Sophie Leroux

Stephanie Aker

Looove it!! ☺️
Stephanie Aker

Ralph Klein

How do you even begin to comment on the beauty of an original Calvin and Hobbes strip? The cleverness of the work coupled with the amazing artwork make any one of these something I would treasure!

Ilias Foskolos


Greg Brooks

SO glad to see these regularly again!! Thank you!! (Gotta go, it is warm enough to play Calvinball, at least until more snow comes!)

Marcus Shearer

Awesome. Love calvin and hobbes

Marcus shearer

Rene Martinez

I would love to have one of these -

Rene Martinez

Alison MacCarthy

Thanks for the opportunity - fingers crossed!

Peter van Cooten

Peter van Cooten

Emiel Schuurman

YES!!!! pretty please!

Debbie Minter

love this.

Brett Goldwasser

Long live Spaceman Spiff!!!

- Brett Goldwasser

Jonna gajda

Love calvin !

Barry Hill

My favorite cartoon.

Courtney Masterson

What an amazing treasure!
-Courtney Masterson

Phil Danen

Love the Sinner! Hate the Sin!

Danielle Perkins

The 18ty is my husband's birthday-this would make a lovely surprise :)

Barbra Buys

Me, me, pick me! If I was a little boy right now I would be Calvin.

Tina Wong

Love Calvin and Hobbes!

Chris Draper

Chris Draper - these would look awesome in our newly decorated nursery!

Daniel Gomez

Calvin and Hobbes changed my live for the better

Kathy Stormant

I love Calvin and Hobbes! Thanks!

Yanna Mather

Yanna Mather

Reilly Dixon

Reilly Dixon!

Christopher Oakes

Christopher Oakes

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips

Lee Godfrey

Love it, I'd love to snag one of these beauties :)

Geoff Applewhite

I don't want one, I NEEEEEEEEEEEED one!!!!!!!!!!

Maria McInnis

Love Calvin and Hobbes!

Maria McInnis

Herb Emanuelson

Pick me!
- Herb Emanuelson

Daniel Ingham

I want one! - Daniel Ingham

Jesus Caceres

Jesus Caceres - This is just great! Calvin and Hobbes are just a wonderful reminder that any situation can be turn into something fun or different with a bit of imagination.

Bob Benamati

Bob Benamati

Jessica Reyes

Would love one!

Stefanie Schröder

Oh my god, I really want one print for my new home - I feel so lonely in this foreign city...
And the print goes to... Stefanie Schroeder!

Alberto Leto

Alberto Leto

AJ Howard

AJ Howard

Mark Morgan

I would love to have one of these for my wall.
-Mark Morgan

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