Soledad Platero

Umair Aleem

You need Calvin & Hobbes in your corner to get through the daily grind.
- Umair Aleem

Kacia Johnson

It would totally make my husbands week if I could give him this.

Megan Moede

I love these comics!
Megan Moede

Linda Archer

Calvin and Hobbes! Yes!

Magoo (Ned) Timmerman

Calvin & Hobbes/ Die hard laughter of a boy and a stuffed animal who really DID exist...

Rob Settembro

Rob Settembro

Stefano Tura

Stefano Tura

Lance Cardenas

Lance Cardenas

Glenn D. Jubilee

My favorite comic along with the Farside
Glenn Jubilee

Áine de Róiste

Love Calvin and Hobbes !

Áine de Róiste

Minah Kim

Congratulations! I love to have it on my wall!

Chandu Wickramarachchi

A great idea for a giveaway!
Calvin & Hobbes really does bring together fans of comics from around the world. :)
- Chandu Wickramarachchi (London, UK)

Corinne Lawson

Stupendous Man, Defender of Liberty and Justice. May you never ever grow up!

William Vanderpool

This would be a daydream come true! - William Vanderpool

Daniel Gutierrez

Daniel Gutierrez

Frank M

Frank Laudo

Michael Prieto

Michael Prieto

Francesca Stella Riva

The nearest thing to Salinger's works. Francesca Stella Riva

Steve Bottjer

When I read Calvin & Hobbes I feel happy!!

Steve Bottjer

When I read Calvin & Hobbes I feel happy!

Andy Burnette

Really fantastic. -Andy Burnette

Joanne Mylett

Calvin and Hobbes is my all time favorite comic. I can't wait to pass on all my books to my boys. Love to see it being kept "alive". Thanks!! Joanne Mylett

Lisa Hinman

Lisa Hinman

Josemon Baby

A great fan of Calvin & Hobbes. Reads the newspaper specially to come across a Calvin & Hobbes Script.

Darryl Smithson

Darryl Smithson

Tom bowman

Tom bowman

Surabhi Rathod

I love you, Bill Watterson, for giving us the boy and his tiger.
Surabhi Rathod.

mark mindlin

I would love to win one of these!

mark mindlin


Pablo Zuniga

Jeremy Weber

These would be great in my son's room! - Jeremy Weber

Raymond Barakat

Raymond Barakat

Frank M

Frank Laudo

Mike Condie

Yes Please!

Katie Talken

Calvin and Hobbes has always been my favorite! -Katie Talken


Yay more chances to win for Prism Marlow :)

Michael John T. Ng Cha

Love Calvin and Hobbes! - Michael Ng Cha

Jason Eberhart

Jason Eberhart

Ray Taylor

Ray Taylor would love one of those.

John truver

I loved the dad, the world was all black and white before the 60's
John Truver

Kristin Lerheim

My brother and I have been reading Calvin and Hobbes since we were kids, and are still reading it :) I would love to win one of these stripes, as I would surprise my brother with it as a gift out of nowhere :) Thank you, Bill Watterson, for making this wonderful contribution to the world, and for making my childhood, and grown up life, even more magic :)

Ilias Politis

How can anyone not love Calvin & Hobbes?

Ana Hanzer

Pick me, pick me! :D - Ana Hanzer

Yannick Copin

Yannick Copin (France loves C&H too)

Brad Thoma

Brad Thomas

Keith Vreeland

Cool. Want one for my son!

mark Solomon

Mark Solomon

Mariano Menechella



Marie Valencia

G.R.O.S.S! Marie Valencia

Jake Ritzman

This would be awesome to hang above my workstation - Jake Ritzman

Andrew Gustafson

Andrew Gustafson

Paula Capalbo

Paula Capalbo.

Nicolás Menechella

The best cartoon of all times.
-Nicolás Menechella

Matthew McGuirl

I grew up reading the adventures of Calvin and Hobbes. So when I received the complete collection last year for Christmas, I couldn't have been happier! I would LOVE to have one of these prints!!! Matthew McGuirl

Pat Brink

Calvin and I go way back to the very beginning. I actually was the salesperson that sold Hobbes to his parents! Pat Brink

Ed Jankowski

Awesome sause!!!! - Ed Jankowski

Emily O'Kelly

I have the 3 complete books of Calvin and Hobbs and have read them cover to cover several times. I now read them to my 5 yr old son who reminds me so much of Calvin. I know he would love one of these prints for his bedroom. Emily O'Kelly

Tracey Mahady

My 16 yr old daughter drew me a C&H for my bedroom wall during the week!!! Would love the real thing!

Krisztina Mina

Krisztina Mina

Patrick OBrien

Patrick O'Brien


Kelsey Palmquist

Keith Schubert

Calvin and Hobbes will always be the best. I'm now almost 50 and I still want to make the snowman scenes Calvin made
- Keith Schubert

Steven Raess

Calvin vs the Predator!

Thanks to Calvin, snowmen will never be the same.
-Steven Raess

Robert Santos

Robert Santos

Ross Angus

Ross Angus

Jody Detten

Jody Detten

Christopher Poling

It would be awesome to win one of those. - Christopher Poling

Aadilwant Singh Sidhu

This is great...
Aadilwant Singh Sidhu

Danny Aguilar

Add my name to the millions already posted! Better odds to win the Mega millions jackpot! Aguilar Daniel.

Martin Schiller

Martin Schiller

David Walch

BEST comic strip EVER...

David Walch

Melanie Leigh

I've been reading( and laughing) along with C&H for as long as I can remember, I'd treasure this for just as long!- Melanie Leigh


I'd love to win - Thad

Lee Bradbury

One of these would be a lovely addition to the collection of Calvin & Hobbes books I've built up; truly the best every cartoon creations ever drawn.
Lee Bradbury

Elisabetta La Pera

Elisabetta La Pera

Mike Lopes Jr

Spaceman Spiff reporting for duty. Mike Lopes Jr.

Calvin tiger

I was actually named after this fine comic.
- Calvin Tiger

Shawn Harrington

Love Calvin and Hobbs Shawn Harrington

Neil Hayter

Neil Hayter


Pick me Pick Me

Angus Smith

my heroes. Angus Smith

Richard Stombaugh

Richard Stombaugh my dad read these to me as a baby lol.

Tony gierucki

Tony Gierucki
Would love one

Pat Cassinelli

Man I miss the adventures of Spaceman Spiff so much! Calvin and Hobbs will forever be the best strip ever! Pat Cassinelli

Nivi Sun

Calvin and Hobbes was the first book I ever read on my own when I was 4 and I've been reading them ever since for the past 20 years. I own all of them and can probably recite most of them from memory...I would absolutely ecstatic if I got one. -Nivi Sun

Mirco Massaro


-Mirco Massaro

Mike Trump

I love Calvin & Hobbes so much that my striped, pink-nosed, tiger cat is named Hobbes. His grey sister is Susie and I'm Calvin because that was SO me as a kid. Blonde hair even! Mike Trump

John obannon

John O'Bannon

Matthew Planalp

I have found few things to be as satisfying as sitting down with a book of Calvin and Hobbes
Matthew Planalp

Bruce Roeder

Terrific. Bruce Roeder


Love calvin and hobbs since 1992

Jeff Juarez

The stories remind me of when I was a kid, I am a late fan of Calvin and Hobbes but I'm trying to make up for lost time.

John Goggins

Calvin, Calvin, burning bright.......after all these years!

Erica Herold

I have loved C&H since the early days of waiting for the Sunday funnies. So sweet and poignant, yet funny and smart. I have sent compilation books to friends who were 'doing time,' wether in jail/prison, group homes or rehab. It's brilliant when your diversion can help you think and grow! -Erica Herold

Noah albright

Noah albright

Jose a Robles

My favorite Comic Strip of all time
Jose A Robles

Seth Moylan

Calvin and Hobbes are my dudes! Did se paintings of them on my facebookbpage a couple years ago too! Check it out...
Seth Moylan

Coral Peterson

If I win, I promise to mock my brother with my newfound glory.

Susanne Stolz

I need one for my kitchen. I'd love this to be the first thing to see in the morning while having my coffee.
Susanne Stolz

Alec Gingrich

Alec Gingrich

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