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Rogue Symmetry

Wow, holy cow, people. Thank you for all the love and kind words. It means a lot to read all of these wonderful comments. Whether Rogue Symmetry is on Gocomics, Sherpa, or illegally spray painted on someone's Rolls Royce, I am determined to make you all laugh no matter what it takes. Thanks again.

julie simpson

Go Rogue Symmetry! Love your work!

Plods with Beer

Woot! Thanks for the feature. I've been following Derrick since day two and love his sense of humor. 99% of the time. Sorry, D. But they can't all be gems. See you in the phunnies.

Elizabeth Swinscoe

Love Rogue Symmetry! Finally getting the recognition Derrick deserves!!

D. Sanders

The Tyranno Benevolent Society is highly insulted. ou will be hearing from our lawyers ( Stegasaurus, Duck Bill, and Pterosaur)


Big fan of Rogue Symmetry.

Helen Dunston

Enjoy the work of Rogue Symmetry...always a laugh in store :)

Dave Hussell

Been a fan of Rogue Symmetry for about three years now. That is only because I did no discover it before then.

Nice to see more people paying attention to it. Skip going to
GoComics and send it to the big leagues (in this case that would be syndication)!

T. Swinscoe

Very awesome Rogue Symmetry! I have loved his stuff for years!


I am very much enjoying your great sense of humor, a lot like your mom's.


Sweet job Rogue Symmetry! Keep moving on up (and pray there are no giant red buttons to push!)

Candice Girouard

Yay, Derrick! Next step: GoComics!

Lub Lub

Derrick Wood's RS scored big with me with this one: Twists and irony coupled with witty sarcasm. Way to go Derrick :)


Well, as I told Rogue Symmetry before, I would ask to see a T-Rex in a black string bikini, but I don't think she would be able to put it on... You know, because of her short arms and... oh, never mind.

David Mew

Stoked to see RS get some love!

Navy Bean

I agree with you: rogue symmetry and navy bean deserve to be elevated!

Doodle Days Comics

I agree, Pirate Mike... time for Derrick to graduate.

Walt Beringson

Rogue looks pretty good next to the big boys!

Patti Bary

Yay for Rogue Symmetry making the blog today!

Timothy Simpson

Congrats RS!!!! [No High] "Near 5!" [No High] "Near 5!"

Pirate Mike

Time for Rogue Symmetry to graduate to GoComics!

Overton Hallford

I love the Rouge Symmetry gag. I missed the other two. They are not as high in my GoComics queue, so are more likely to be missed.
I have RS high in my queue, so I'm less likely to mis his little gems.


YAY! This is my favorite 'toon of my favorite comic, ROGUE SYMMETRY! Great to see it featured here!!!! I'd like to see that in every elevator in the country. It would give everyone a laugh and break that "Stuck in an elevator with a bunch of strangers" tension!

Rene Lopez

Nice to see Sherpa's Rogue Symmetry get some love.

Brian Ponshock

Woo hoo! Go Rogue Symmetry, go!

 Reed Jackson

It's a little-known fact that Marc Bolan, of the legendary glam rock band T. Rex, also had tiny little stump arms. They had to make special guitars for his unique brand of small-appendaged wizardry.

Rogue Symmetry

Wow, thank you so much for representing Rogue Symmetry here on the blog! I am thrilled. Looking at my toon, you would think that I don't like cartoonists making fun of rexy. But, in fact, I truly do laugh at almost all the T-rex toons that I see (and now that mine went viral, I am getting a LOT of them sent to me by people!). It seems no matter how any times I see that ferocious reptile, with large teeth and claws, unable to overcome its tiny arms, it makes me literally LOL.

If any of you would like a free sticker of this toon, let me know! roguesymmetry at yahoo.com.

Thanks again, GoComics!


Navy, as always, you were ahead of your time.

Navy Bean

I did a short arms dino gag back in '77,



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