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Newspaper comic: *Calvin & Hobbes* by Bill Watterson, hands-down.
Webcomic: *Gods Playing Poker* by Michael Moss

Ken Gagne

I'm digging Heavenly Nostrils these days, and XKCD is a fun online read!


newspaper: calvin & hobbes
web: xkcd.com

Nancy Dickerson

I love Calvin and Hobbs, but our local newspaper no longer carries it. I have to be satisfied by Zits and Grand Avenue. But we gave our oldest son all the Calvin and Hobbs books as they came out. Online xkcd is about as good as it gets for thinking folks.

Allen Johns

My favorite of all time is Calvin and Hobbes. The innuendoes and cryptic references are wonderful. Far Side was also one of my favorites. I like xkcd also.


My favorite newspaper comic is Calvin & Hobbes, of course, and my favorite web comic would have to be The Perry Bible Fellowship.

Jesse Dorsey

My Favorite comics of all time were "Bloom County" "Calvin & Hobbes" and "The Far Side." Unfortunately, those have all left us a little sadder and poorer for their absence. My favorite current comics are "Dilbert" and "Kate the Great" (http://www.katethegreatcomics.com/).

Christopher Wheeling

For newspaper comics, it's a tie between Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side. Webcomic favorite is Cyanide and Happiness.

Ben Bayer

My all time favorite newspaper comic strip is definately Calvin and Hobbes! I was too young for the newspaper version, but every Birthday, Christmas and Eastern, a Calvin and Hobbes book was my most wanted present for years! :) As webcomic I would say nichtlustig.de is my favorite. But I rarely read webcomics.

William Glass

Newspaper comics: All-time: Calvin & Hobbes; Current/On-going: 9 Chickweed Lane. (With a tip of the Hatlo hat to before-my-time classics like Thimble Theater and the remembered-but-gone On Stage.)
Web comics: Lost Side of Suburbia's mixture of story and art but, in its hiatus/absence, the color and experimentation of Pibgorn and the ever-deepening ongoing story of Endtown.

Hans Lorange

Favorite strip of all time? Calvin and Hobbes.
Favorite contemporary paper strip? WuMo

Favorite web comic: xkcd (plus C&H archive)

Stefan Percy

Favourite newspaper comic (Legacy): Calvin and Hobbes (absolute all time best)

Favourite newspaper comic (Ongoing): The Barn (by Ralph Hagen)

Favourite webcomic: Real Life (by Greg Dean)

Julian H.

there is only one favorite comic i ever had ...and i know it'll be calvin & hobbes as long is i live !


Favorite comic strip would have to be Calvin and Hobbes. Favorite web comic is Oglaf (nsfw).

Jason Tatonetti

Fav comic of all time is Calvin & Hobbes. Miss you guys! Web comic is The Oatmeal

James Donley

calvin and hobbes by far is my fave and then pearls b/f swine amongst others (foxtrot, farside, etc) james d.

Amy H.

Calvin & Hobbes is my favorite comic strip of all time. Hyperbole & a Half wins for webcomic!

Joanna Cortez

My favorite comic strip of all time is calvin and hobbes. I own every collection. I never really got into web comics, I've glanced at cyanide and happiness and off the mark, but...

Peter Gable

Favorite newspaper comic: Calvin and Hobbes. I actually learned to read by spending time reading them with my grandfather when I was younger.

Favorite webcomic: Cyanide and Happiness.

Thomas Chin

My favorite is obviously Calvin and Hobbes. For web comics, I don't really read much, since I like reading on paper instead of online.

Luis hermosillo

My favorite newspaper comic: Bloom County. Grew up learning to draw by copying Peanuts characters over and over. Favorite web comic is the Oatmeal.


Pearls before swine is probably my favorite newspaper comic strip. Sheldon is by far my favorite web comic.

Bill Baxter

I always liked C&H, Peanuts and Tumbleweeds.
Guess my favorite newspaper toon today would be Pearls and on line is probably The Barn or Diamond Lil.

Matt Adams

I would have to say my favorite comics would be Calvin and Hobbes and Bloom County/Outland/Opus. I have recently discovered Drive and Sheldon as far as web comics go and the have become fast favorites.

Ed Fenstermacher

Pearls Before Swine is my favorite, Argyle Sweater is my favorite panel. For a web comic, xkcd is great.

Kim Mick Callier

Because I can't choose, I've narrowed it down to two newspaper comic strips: "For Better or For Worse" and "Funky Winkerbean".

For the same reason, I have 4 webcomic strips: "Digger", "Ellie on Planet X", "Endtown" and "Gunnerkrig Court".

(This like trying to choose which child you love most.)

Brandon Monroe

Calvin and Hobbes is hands down my favorite newspaper comic. XKCD is my favorite webcomic.


MUTTS is my favorite newspaper comic strip because it is well-drawn and written, yes, but mostly because it advocates for the very animals it profits from drawing. TEN CATS is my favorite web comic because it features a little girl who feeds stray cats. I will also mention my own struggling web comic ELF AND MOTORBELLY because I try to champion the plight of homeless cats in the strip and in my own life.


My favorite newspaper strip is Calvin & Hobbes
My favorite webcomic is http://chainsawsuit.com

Jim Benson

#1 favorite of all time is Peanuts. Not sure what ones I read at GoComics are webcomics 2 that I have added to my daily routine are Speechlees and Half Full.

Chris U

My favorite comic strip is definitely Calvin and Hobbes. My only son is named Calvin directly because of Calvin and Hobbes. web comics, I like xkcd.

Joan Gimeno

My favorite newspaper comic strip of all time is Calvin & Hobbes, and as for webcomic, Penny Arcade

Jason Mac Donald

Stupid auto correct. That was supposed to be deflocked

Jason Mac Donald

It's hard not to say Calvin and Hobbes but deflected is a close second. For webcomics I'd say sheldon

Jon McAlexander

I have to say that my favorite newspaper comic strip changes year to year, but overall Calvin and Hobbes has been in my top 5. Zits is also a major favorite of mine. Lately, as I've gotten older, Pearls Before Swine has gained a foothold in that top 5 list. For Web Comic, far above and beyond all others is GPF by Jeff Darlington. (http://www.gpf-comics.com).

robbie wilson

my favorate comic is garfield on go comics and in print makes my morning bright


My favorite newspaper strip is Sherman's Lagoon by Jim Toomey and my favorite web comic is Girl Genius by Phil & Kaja Foglio.

Also I really like Sheldon & Drive :D

Matt Lassen

Calvin and Hobbes and Buni!

Darrell M. Stark

I grew up with Foxtrot and still read it every week. My favorite webcomic is hard to narrow down, but I definitely love Sheldon, Order of the Stick, and Questionable Content!

Markku Siira

Newspaper: Fingerpori. Web: Buni.

Jamie Schofield

Pearls is really good.


Favorite newspaper strip: Peanuts. Favorite webcomic: Hark! A Vagrant


Print: Donald Duck, Peanuts, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Asterix, Beetle Bailey, The Far Side, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Footrot Flats.
Web: various Go Comics.


Print: Donald Duck, Peanuts, Tintin, Lucky Luke, Asterix, Beetle Bailey, The Far Side, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, Footrot Flats.
Web: various Go Comics.

Candice Girouard

Favorite newspaper comic strip: Pooch Café
Favorite webcomic: Ten Cats

Pierre Ducilon

My favorite newspaper comic is Liberty Meadows because of the awesome drawings. You can't beat them. Web comic will have to be FoxTrot.


My favourite all time newspaper strip is actually a tie between 'Calvin and Hobbes' and Gary larsons 'The Farside'.. Favourite webcomic is the one and only 'Sheldon' I have now been reading for over 10 years!


Calvin & Hobbes, and Perry Bible Fellowship


My favourite newspaper comic is The Far Side and my favourite webcomic is SMBC COmics by Zach Weiner.


comic: Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot, Big Top, Dilbert
Web comic: Sheldon, PhD, Pearls vs Swine,

Robert Smith

My favorite newspaper strip is Peanuts, I came to it long after Schulz had passed and was in college. Favorite web strip is Family Man, which I only discovered a few months ago through PvP.

Alexandra Kelts

For newsprint MUTTS, Foxtrot and Calvin and Hobbes. For Web comics Sheldon, xkcd, and Drive.


"The Norm" by Michael Jantze was a major influence on my current work. Today, I absolutely enjoy everything that John Allison puts together with his webcomic "Bad Machinery".


Favorite newspaper comic: Calvin & Hobbes.
Favorite webcomic: Questionable Content.


My favorite newspaper comic has always been Calvin and Hobbes. It was the first comic to ever make me laugh. Oddly enough, that particular strip featured neither Calvin nor Hobbes. It was when his parents were looking for Hobbes in the woods, and the mom called out for Hobbes. It was great to see her in Calvin's world, if only for a minute. My favorite webcomic is Bug Martini. I love how absurd it is, even while maintaining an internal logic that allows it to reach strange, wonderful conclusions.


Like almost everyone else here, I think Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite newspaper strip (although Peanuts and Foxtrot are probably close!). My favorite webcomic is probably Order of the Stick: the writing is very deep, despite the stick figure look!

John Kutasz

Cul de Sac was my favorite print comic. And online, I'd have to go with Sheldon.


calvin and hobbes; sheldon or bite me (or a million others)


My favorite newspaper comic strip has always been Calvin and Hobbes. It was the first comic to ever make me laugh, although oddly enough, neither Calvin nor Hobbes were in that strip. It was when the parents were searching for Hobbes, and the mom calls Hobbes' name. It was great to see her get pulled into Calvin's world, if only for a minute. My favorite webcomic is Bug Martini. It's very absurd, but logically consistent in a way that lets it build on itself to a great conclusion.

Anthony Lauer

Favorite comic strip is Garfield and webcomic is PVPOnline

Norman G.

My favorite newspaper comic is Dilbert; and my favorite webcomic is Sheldon.


Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite must read strip in the paper. Now I follow XKCD.com Monday, Wednesday & Fridays.

Andrew Jones

Favorite strip of all time is Calvin & Hobbes. Favorite webcomic is Penny Arcade.

D G Stokes

"Peanuts" is the greatest comic strip of all time, bar none.

My current favorite webcomic is "Nimona" by Noelle Stevenson.

Charlie Lee

Favorite newspaper comic strip: Garfield
Favorite webcomic: Schlock Mercenary


My favorite comic strip is Mutts. And my favorite webcomic is Dumbing of Age.


Calvin and Hobbes.
Favorite webcomics are Sheldon and Drive!


For my favorite newspaper strip, I'd have to go with Farside. And my favorite web comic, I'd say Gunnerkrigg Court - www.gunnerkrigg.com

Randy Pacetti

My favorite comic of all time is Calvin & Hobbes. My current favorite is Luann. My favorite webcomic is Drive, with xkcd a close second.

Gregory freeman

Favorite newspaper comic - Doonesbury
Favorite Web comic - Penny Arcade

John Duffy

My favorite newspaper comic is a no-brainer. Calvin and Hobbes have been my favorite ever since I was a little kid, and my mom gave me her old copy of "Something Under The Bed Is Drooling." As far as webcomics go, "Table Titans" has been my current favorite. However, I also enjoy keeping up with Dr. McNinja, Brawl in the Family, and of course "Sheldon."


Calvin and Hobbes, ctl alt del.


Favorite print comic is/always has been Calvin and Hobbes. Favorite webcomic is Sheldon, penned by the very artist who created the movie!

Kevin Sperry

My favorite current strip is baby blues web comic is spaceboiz

Robert Tritthardt

There are so many great newspaper comics to choose from, but I would have to say that my favorite right now is Zits.

As for webcomics, there are WAY too many to choose from! I really wish I could read more of them to have a better grasp of which I like best. For now, I will say Girls With Slingshots.

Joe Kandra

Another vote for Calvin and Hobbes for favorite all time comic. My favorite web comic is mine (One Small Step, osscomic.com) but a close second is Sheldon.


It's been so long since I read newspaper comics, I can't say I could pick a favorite. Maybe Baby Blues just for relevance to my life. Right now my favorite web comic is definitely JL8, though XKCD is a close second.

V. Fox

Favorite newspaper strip: The Far Side, it shaped my sense of humor. Favorite webcomic: Hark! a Vagrant, love Kate Beaton's stuff.

Eliza B.

Like just about everyone else, I'm gonna go with Calvin & Hobbes for my favorite paper strip. My favorite web comic is Something Positive.

Paul Harvey

Favorite newspaper comic: Calvin & Hobbes

Favorite Web Comic: Nedroid Picture Diary

Michael Perlman

Favorite comic: Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes (tie)
Favorite webcomic: Sithrah

Linda McCann Jeffers

Favorite comic: Pearls Before Swine (Pastis)--sorry Bill, Calvin and Hobbes no longer run in my newspaper.

Favorite webcomic: chainsawsuit (Straub)

Nicky McCleery

My favorite newspaper comic was and always will be Calvin and Hobbes, and my favorite we comic is Surviving the World by Dante Shepherd.


Calvin and hobbes is pretty much the best thing ever; my favorite by far. And there are a few webcomics that are great. I really like Questionable Content.

Mary Varn

My favorite newspaper comic strip is Calvin and Hobbes.
My favorite web comic is Girls with Slingshots.

Pogo Beta

For newspaper strips, nobody has ever unseated Calvin & Hobbes from the top of my list.

There are a lot of webcomics that I regard highly, but if I had to choose one as a "favorite" right this second I think I'd have to go with Cucumber Quest by Gigi DG. Accessible, family-friendly and beautiful art.


Garfield was my first contact with newspaper comics, but Pearls Before Swine have been my recent favorite. My favorite webcomic is Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell.

I already bought the DVD, so I'm hoping to win a poster! :)


Doonesbury in the newspaper, and probably Hark! a Vagrant for a webcomic.

Scott Neall

Favorite comic is Bloom County and I have to give favorite webcomic to Broodhollow.


>>What is your favorite newspaper comic strip AND what is your favorite webcomic?

My favorite newspaper comic strip was The Far Side. I love so many, Calvin and Hobbes, Pearls Before Swine, Bloom County, Mutts -- but the one that really made me laugh most regularly was The Far Side.

My favorite webcomic -- The Oatmeal is pretty great. XKCD is hard to beat.

Omri Dvir

Favourite newspaper strip: Nemi
Favourite webcomic: penny arcade

Meli Mathis

Favorite webcomic is Surviving the World - it's photos, but it's clever. I used to be a big fan of FoxTrot, but a lot of the jokes were recycled year after year, there's a reason it went to Sundays only.

Iain Oakley

Calvin and Hobbes, like do many others and webcomic, PVP I think right now

Sarah C

My favourite newspaper strip is a duke-em-out between Calvin and Hobbes (of COURSE!) and The Far Side. I've been reading each since I was 8 or 9 (Though I imagine many things flew over my head).
I had a period where I was jumping between many webcomics, but the one that's retained my love the longest would be Lackadaisy. (This being said, Romantically Apocalyptic joyfully broke my eyes a few years ago and presently Boulet's strips are making me happy)

David Berding

My favorite newspaper comic is Calvin and Hobbes! Very close 2nd is Peanuts. My favorite webcomic is www.questionablecontent.net, one of my favorites.


Peanuts and Sheldon!

Melanie Castle

Oh goodness - to choose a favorite newspaper comic... Frazz was one of my tops. But I followed so many. Mutts, Luann, Baldo, For Better or For Worse, Get Fuzzy, FoxTrot, Overboard, Rose is Rose.... it goes on.

Similarly my favorite webcomic is super hard to say. I follow a TON. I love each for their unique story and art. Drive, Girls with Slingshots, Sinfest, Heart Shaped Skull, Johnny Wander, Multiplex.

If I had to pick one of either list to read and only read I'd hit the person forcing me to just one and run away. :D

Richard Walters

Old favorite is Calvin & Hobbes (of course), with current favorite being Foxtrot. Favorite web comic is Sheldon (and no, I'm not saying that to suck up! It really is).

Daniel Barcroft

Favorite comic strip: Peanuts. Favorite Webcomic: probably Dinosaur Comics

Runners-up: Krazy Kat, Pogo, Bloom County, Calvin & Hobbes, Sheldon, PvP, chainsawsuit, Nedroid, xkcd, Abominable Charles Christopher

Benjamin Hinojosa

For the newspaper, its Calvin and Hobbes, no question.
For the web, I really am enjoying Scott Kurtz Tabletop strip he does now.

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