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Melissa Stefanchin

Garfield is the best part of the whole paper. I think he is awesome. Melissa Stefanchin

Amanda El-Dweek

The first comic book I was ever given was a Garfield comic book. It made me fall in love with comic strips and it lit the fire for me to draw cartoons.
-Amanda El-Dweek

Vince Nylin

Garfield was the coolest thing going in the 80's, the attitude was perfect.. I carried a stuffed Garfield on every deployment I made, usually he rode in the center top pocket of my ALICE pack with his head sticking out so he could see where we were. Lot's of miles on that little guy, I still have him today. The grandkids get tweaked they can't play with Grandpa's toys. LOL.

Jonathan Petley

Garfield turned me into a cartoonist. Specifically a sequential cartoonist. I was born in 1977. Just one year before Jim Davis started Garfield. It's the first cartoon strip I remember seeing. I loved it then and I love it now. When I was a child it was the bold colors and contrasts and the simple and effective comedic gestures that drew me in. As I got older and could actually read the pages, Jim's talent really started to resinate with me. Garfield was a solid and often predictable character. The character tensions with Odie and Jon were innocent, funny and genuine. Now when I work on my own strip I always compare the strip to a Garfield strip in my head. I want to achieve just that right light hearted balance of character and delivery and a pleasing page with nice color and simplicity. Garfield, to me, is perfect.

Sandy Chan

I love this fat, funny and furry Garfield since I was in primary school. I even drew his chubby and smiley face on all my homework.

Sandy Chan

Jeannine Pruim

I love Garfield because I have days where I am Jon & days where I am Garfield!!


Didn't mean to post my comment yet! Anyways, I love Garfield because when I was a kid, my dad would always open the Sunday paper, and immediately hand me the comics section, so we could read the paper "together", which made me feel so grown up! But, Garfield was my favorite and was always in the same spot. I always found him so I could read him first!

-Kathryn Greene


The Original Grumpy Cat! I love Garfield.

-Kathryn Greene

Barbara Turek

I love Garfield because he tells it like a cat! I decorated my daughter's nursery with Garfield top to bottom, front to back. She had every Garfield toy/book that I could get my hands on. Happy Birthday, Garfield!

Jovan Bone

I love love love Garfield! I can so relate to him because I feel as lazy as him most of the time. haha Used to read all the Garfield books growing up. Jovan Bone

Haji Hakim

Because I seriously hate Mondays. >:-[

Francis Bonnet

In the second grade I thought I was ordering a Heathcliff book from the Scholastic Book Club only to end up getting Garfield by mistake. At first I was disappointed, but when I opened the book read through it, I fell in love and bought every Garfield book I could get my hands on. I still have that very first Garfield book in my collection.

Dale Stout

Garfield was grumpy, before grumpy was cool.

Jon Berger

A fan since the 1980s, I love "Garfield" because it has something for dog people, cat people, mouse people, lasagna people, and people people. Plus the characters are so complementary and well-crafted that they still work well together, even decades later.

Geoff Elsworth

You just have to love Garfield.
Geoff Elsworth.

Rogue Symmetry

Sorry, forgot to include my name.

Derrick G Wood (of Rogue Symmetry)

Rogue Symmetry

In elementary school my class would walk a mile down the street to the library. All my classmates would be busy gathering science books, history books, biographies, and other study materials, while I sat in the corner -all by myself- with my head stuck in a Garfield book. I would check out all that they had (with not a single book that had anything to do with schoolwork) and devour them in bed that night. My mom still recalls hearing my giggles from down the hall when all the rest of the house's lights were out.

I remember one time I accidentally lost a Garfield book. Months later, I got a bill in the mail from the library demanding money to cover the cost of the book. I instantly burst into tears because I had no idea how I was going to manage to raise the $5.00 that they were asking for. Later that day, I happened to look down while walking through the parking lot, and there was a crisp $5.00 bill at my feet! I'll never forget this. It was like the Garfield Gods were smiling upon me.

In short, I can't tell you how much a signed print from Mr. Jim Davis would mean to me.

Thank you.

David Sanchez

I love Garfield because it brings back so many great memories of my father. When I was a child I would take the comic strips and sit next to him while he read the news and sports section.

- David Sanchez

A Facebook User

I would LOVE a signed garfield print!!!! Instead of ink, can you use lasagna sauce?

- Davy Jones

Ray Riethmeier

I have enjoyed Garfield since I was a kid, and now my son draws his own Garfield comics.

Karolinde Wilson

Sarcasm at it's best. Karolinde Wilson

Nathanael Cole

I love Garfield because he always reminds me of either my cats or myself and has me laughing with almost every comic I read! I've been reading Garfield ever since I was a little kid!
-Nathanael Cole

Dominick Marziliano

If you ever wondered what cats are thinking...... ( I also love lasagna).

Debbie Scoggins

I've been reading Garfield for as long as I can remember (and that is a looooong time) - Debbie Scoggins


Garfield is the original LOL cat. Brian Graham

Karla Enriquez

I love Garfield because I grew up laughing at his antics in the comics page and on TV! Karla Enriquez

Robert Moe

i'm allergic to cats, but my daughter loves Garfield, so i m entering for her!

Travis McClinton

Garfield was what drew me to Comic Strip History! I've been collecting strips, books, autographs, etc. since June 19, 1978. Thank you Mr. Davis. Love Garfield, and your former Mr. Potato Head strip is missed.

Joyce Benzing

I love Garfield because no matter what he needs and loves his Pookie!

Bryan Stratton

Garfield seems to, on a daily basis, reflect how I see life. Makes for a great day, laughing my head off!

Jennifer Brindley

How can you not love Garfield? He's iconic! And I believe my cats secretly wish they were Garfield. Jennifer Brindley

Curtis Hoffmann

For me, Garfield is all about the lasagna, and the anti-Garfield - Nermal. Give me lasagna, or give me Nermal!
Curtis Hoffmann


I love Garfield because it is one of the first comics I've ever read and I grew up reading them.

Steve Cianfichi

I love Garfield because I also hate Mondays.

Janet Davis

Janet Davis says, "I love the characters in the Garfield comic. He and Jon and Odie and even Jon's family on the farm. It is a well written always amusing every day read comic."

James Logue

I love Garfield & lasagna!

Joshua Lim

Garfield contains the dry humor that I will always appreciate and I commend Davis for creating such a thrilling comic strip.

Justin Baglio

Garfield was the 1st comic book I ever got when I was a kid and then I grew up watching the cartoons after school. Justin Baglio

Jim Benson

I love Garfield because he gave my late wife her nickname, Pookie. Jim Benson

Meredith Ford

I love Garfield because he and Odie remind me of my own pets. So funny! Meredith Ford

Pedro Silva

Garfield was the first comic i loved, before I even met Calvin & Hobbes. The TV cartoon may have been responsible for a good part of that fondness, but I did buy me some books! Also, if I win I will give it to my friend who also loves Garfield and whose birthday is the same as mine.
Pedro Silva

"Friends are there...
To help you get started, to give you a push on your way.
Friends are there...
To turn you around, get your feet on the ground, for a brand new day!
To pick you up when you're down...
Help you swallow your pride when something inside has to break on through to the other side!
Friends are someone you can open up to...
When you feel like you're ready to flip.
When you've got the world on your shoulders...
Friends are there to give you a lift!
Friends are there when you need them
They're even there when you don't
For a walk in the park, for a shine in the dark
Friends are there -- I don't care -- But friends will care
For yooooo-oooooo-ooooo-uuuuu-yargh!"

Renee Miller

I love Garfield for hating Mondays and loving lasagna.
Renee Miller

Beth Fischer

I love Garfield because he says what we are thinking, but afraid to say.
Beth Fischer

Zachary Snyder

I have loved Garfield since I was a kid because he reminds me so much of myself. I would be honored to have a signed print!

Zachary Snyder

Matt Lassen

I love Garfield because I get to think that like a newscaster behind a desk all the time - Jon has no legs. Plus I hate Mondays and love snarky cats!
- Matt Lassen

David Adams

I love Garfield because he's pretty much like a lot of the cats I've had in my life, but taken up to 11.
- David Adams

Rick Stein

Been reading Garfield for years! Gave my first girlfriend a Garfield plush for her birthday - next year gave her something she "needed" - an Odie plush to keep Garfield company

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