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Michelle Co

This would be really awesome to win, it's iconic this piece. -Michelle Co

Steve Holiday

I would LOVE to have this piece of history to frame and hang on my children's wall, so they can grow up knowing one of the most influential cartoonists of my childhood.

Matt Porter

Bill, go do something you hate! It builds character!


Would look good next to my original Mark Trail panel.
Ben Baker

Raphael Beckers

Two of my favorite comic artist together. I'd really like to hang it on my wall.
Raphael Beckers

Lynn Norzinskay

I would love to win this. Great strips!

Alena Polansky

Collaborations are great, comics are great, more power to them! Very nice work.
Alena Polansky

John Berner

Wow. We just saw the Bill Watterson documentary "Dear Mr. Watterson" tonight and now he magically returns.

Lonny Shaw

The two greatest cartoonists ever come together as one. Heaven seems dull now.

Alexander Law

The story of their collaboration, a self-deprecating story about a dying art form, is a shining example of childhoods lost and found, memories, and hopes and dreams of doing the possible.

Thank you both to Stephen Pastis and Bill Watterson for making something that is so simple, simply brilliant.

Tom Norris

Huge fan of Watterson and Pastis! This would be great hanging in my living room!

Zachary Snyder

My two favorite cartoonist, I really really hope I win this so I can frame it in my office!

-Zachary Snyder

Craig Lancaster

If I don't win, I will be buying the limited edition print.

If Bill Watterson is reading this, please come back to cartooning! Books, limited edition prints, a Sunday strip, or anything else you would like to do. It has been nearly 20 years since Calvin and Hobbes ended on December 31, 1995. We miss you!

Rome R. Angeles

PEARLS is my favourite!!! It's started my days for the past 3 years!!! --Rome R. Angeles

Rhea Grabber

Exciting! Crossing fingers.

martin shturec

Last minute panic mood ON!

JoAnn Longobardi

JoAnn Longobardi

John Miller

I would love to hang this on my wall. :)
John Miller

Greg Sawchyn

This would look so nice framed and hanging on my wall.
- Greg Sawchyn

Mary Catherine Headley

Mary Catherine Headley
I think the entire neighborhood heard my shriek of joy when I read the post by Pastis!

Rebecca Egley

I would love to win this... I would give it to my husband. Two of his favorite comic artists in one! I already bought him the complete Calvin and Hobbes collection and am starting to work on Pearls before Swine. Even if I don't win, I'm getting him this print anyways.

Rebecca Egley

Christopher Poling

It would be awesome to have this. It's drawn by the writers of my favorite former and current comic strips.

Tracy Yarwood

Drool..... Tracy Yarwood

Paul Senkowski

This great storyline was proof that two heads ARE better than one! ;)

Cheryl Lagler

The only "problem" with winning would be the difficult decision whether to give it to my daughter for her apartment or keep it for myself. I introduced her to "Calvin and Hobbes," and she got me addicted to "Pearls Before Swine."

john carleton


Doug Lindbert

Oh, of course I want to be in line for the pain of not getting a print, count in, these strips were GREAT!

Kirsty Maclean

History was made with this comic! my two faves combined into one bundle of super awesomeness!
- Kirsty Maclean

Kirsty Maclean

History was made with this comic! my two faves combined into one bundle of super awesomeness!

Bob Walter

I had my doubts that Watterson was involved in those 3 days of comics, but i was happily proven wrong!

Bruce Hoekstra

The zebra leaning on the fence spoke to me even before the secret was revealed--he is channeling Hobbes

Garrett Heinrich

I never win anything.
-Garrett Heinrich

Chase Falkenhagen

I happened upon Stephan Pastis' blog just seconds after he announced that Watterson had been the guest artist and I still can't believe it. Watterson had created a timeless strip that has affected so many people for decades and influenced many of the newer artists and aspiring cartoonists including Pastis. Stephan is one of the most popular cartoonists at the moment and one of the best in regards to his wit and humor - and seeing these two artists, whom I've been able to learn from myself and treasure for years, collaborating together and somehow still managing to hold true to each of their own unique style and voice is truly special. Thank you GoComics/Universal for offering this collection :)

Stephen Montagna

but first I'm going to disable Spell-check…

(head-desk, head-desk)

Stephen Montagna

"oh my, I want to thank the Academy, and GoComics, and Mr. Pastis, and of course Mr. Waterson…" (<--- practicing my acceptance speech) - seriously, how could would this be? very… extremely… (off to look for my Thesaurus)...

Donna Rupert

-Donna Rupert


PEARLS is my favourite!!! It's started my days for the past 3 years!!! --Rome R. Angeles

Dennis Kauffman

Count me in!
Dennis Kauffman


PEARLS is my favourite! It's been starting off my days for the past 3 years!!! --Rome R. Angeles

Rome R. Angeles

PEARLS is my favourite! It's been starting off my days for the past 3 years!!! --Rome R. Angeles

Derek Ott

I'll send Moe over if I don't win, Twinky.

James Golden

Interesting that he would collaborate with Stephen. I just finished watching the documentary Dr. Mr Watterson. It was very enjoyable. If you haven's seen that I would highly recommend it.

Philip Erwin

Hooray for me! (trying to be optimistic)

Randy Browne

This would be nice to win.

Ed Cho

I'm Ed Cho and I'd fight Miss Wormwood for these!

Michael K.K.Kong

I love Calvin & Hobbes since young. I'm trying to encourage my kids to love it too. It'll be a great gift to start.

Michael K.K.Kong

Alyssa Sierra

These two are already amazing on their own, but together? Doubly amazing.

Jack Smith

Awesome!, I read Stephans post about the event.
The art work brings back good memories.
Very familiar memories.
Thank you Stephan and Bill!



Timothy Fisher

Jeremy Whisenhunt

Gonna put this behind bulletproof glass

Matthew LeDrew

This would look so great on my wall!! Must win!! Thank you!

Caleb Coyne

Want want want want want
(Seriously, this would be awesome)

Jeremiah Moreno

Framed and in a place of honor, that's where this belongs!

Scott Hendershot

Wonderful! Scott Hendershot.

Dan Flad

Would go great with my Calvin and Hobbes collection! :D

gregg perrin

Two of my favourite Cartoonists!!! Would be great to frame! Gregg Perrin

Jonathan Petley

You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood.
- Calvin
Seeing this every day might help to kickstart my creativity. Thanks

Christopher Mallo

I have my fingers crossed!

Christopher Mallo

Michael Gilmour

Michael Gilmour would love this!

Teresa Kropp

What a collaboration between two great cartoonists!

Mel Leong

Would love this on my wall! - Mel Leong

Paul Scott

This needs a journey across the Atlantic to Birmingham :-)
Paul Scott


Certiifialy brilliant.

Daniel Dulay

Daniel Dulay

Joe kim

Heck yea. My two favorite cartoonists.

Andrew simonson

Would love it.
Andrew simonson

Mariska Bokdam

Wow!How cool is this?!

Liza Pono

Liza Pono

Andrew Sigman

Andrew Sigman

Matt Lassen

Oh pretty.
Matt Lassen

Rebecca Pierson

Amazing PRIZE!!!!!!

Chuck Parkin

Nice prize.

Chuck Parkin

Suzanne Smith

mine, mine, mine......

Mary Hochberg

Yes! I have just the spot to hang it.
---Mary Hochberg

Sergio Placido

This will look very well on my wall

Del Margolis

I have Watterson envy. -Del Margolis.

Paul Ritter

These are awesome!

Steffen Rieck

I'll go rats if I don't get this!
Name: Rieck, Mr Steffen

Susan Barsnica

Two of my favorite comics. I would love to hang this near my Rocky and Bullwinkle cel.

Adam Martinez

I love both comics. To learn of this arrangement was a pure wet dream for me.

Kaye Grant

Love this!
Kaye Grant

Giovanni Bruno

Giovanni Bruno

Kathy Tucker

I would love to win this!
Kathy Tucker

Gary Chun

I would like this because Stephan and Bill are my close, personal friends. ... No, they're not. - A desperate Gary Chun

Paul Go

Would add nicely to my comic art collection.

Paul Go

Tommy Donovan

What happens when swine comes before pearls! Love it!!
— Tommy Donovan

Shivani Dogra

This would be awesome to have! :)
Shivani Dogra

Carmen Rich

I have a Duplicator Box, Rat's phone number, and a case of beer...I am not afraid to use them. Carmen Rich

Rodney Griffith

The behind-the-scenes story is (nearly) equal to the strips themselves.
Rodney Griffith

Beto Galetto

Please, please, please!

Jim Schwarzbach

This was the coolest thing ever. Didn't think too much of it on the first strip. On day two I of course thought of Bill Watterson, and thought Pastis was stepping into sacred ground. Then on day three I thought it looked more like the Archie Comics. Then my mind was blown when I read that it was Watterson for three days in a row. Actually, my mind is still blown.

Irma Vilppola

Good luck.
Irma Vilppola

Mike Woolson

Well yes. I would most certainly like to have this. And since I'm all unemployed right now I can hardly justify purchasing it to my lovely wife.
Mike Woolson

David L Jimenez

Love this collaboration - David L Jimenez

Brian Whaley

Yeah this one would definitely be framed and hanging somewhere highly visible.

Adam Friedlander

This collaboration was such a wonderful surprise.
-Adam Friedlander

Amanda El-Dweek

I shall hang it next to the pair of comically large glasses on the wall of my "studio" (which is really our guest bedroom).

- Amanda R. El-Dweek

Kenny Watkins

I would love to win this. Been a C&H fan for years.

Keegan Throop

Two of the best

- Keegan Throop

ivelisse woods

Count me in

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