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Albert Sims

This would be neat to frame and hang on my wall!

Mike Cope

My other car is a transmogrifier.

Dan Pavelich

Me want.

Davy Jones

You are going to have a kazillion people wanting this!!! MUST HAVE!!!!! Now if only Watterson would sign it.... THAT'D be cool!!!!!!!

Davy Jones

Gianfranco Goria

Wow! Bellissimo!

Michael Goff

So awesome!

Rene Lopez

I'd like to bask in this beauty's glory.

Jim Benson

Anyone would love to have this framed and on their wall.
Jim Benson

Simon Jones

Pick me please.

-Simon Jones

Sunny Arts

'Please draw my comics forever.' heehee I want this awesomeness on my office wall.

Jennifer Brindley

This is so great! Thanks - Jennifer Brindley

Thaís Bento

Pretty please?

Kevin Bell

I've always been a big Calvin and Hobbes fan, along with Pearls Before Swine! I'm so glad that Stephan Pastis is doing so much for the comics community!

BJ Marley

Wow! I would LOVE this.
~Bonnijean Marley

Laura Chavez


Laura Chavez.

Andrew Kerr

Andrew Kerr

John Violette

I would love to hang this up at work!
-John Violette

Rachel Esserman

I would love to win this! I'm a big fan of other strips.

Darrick Lee

This is great!!! This should end up in the comic museum someday...

David Adams

This has to be the best print you've ever given away. Here's hoping for a win!
- David Adams

Chris Lees

This would be great to win!

Chris Lees

Jen Leugers

Wow wow wow! How great would this be, my 2 favorite cartoonists on my wall!

John Kustak

This got me to go back a re-read every Calvin & Hobbes - what a great strip

Brett Sovereign

Want, want, want. (Please)

Pedro Silva

Oh, oh, me me me?
Pedro Silva

Chelsea Pereira

This would be a part of my happy place. :D
Chelsea Pereira


The 7-year-old-artist-better-than-Stephen-Patsis in me would love to win this.
Craig Wittler

Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Tucker

Jancie Hall

As much as I would love to keep it for myself, I'd have it framed and give it to my 34yr. old son. Calvin and Hobbes were his faves.

Austin O'Connell-Milne

AAustin O'Connell-Milne

John Bossart Jr


Becky Rider

Love that two fo my favorites collaborated!

Thank you Stephan and Bill!

~Becky Rider

Karla Enriquez

I would LOVE to win this one! - Karla Enriquez

Martin Dyson

Watterson and Pastis whats not to love?
-Martin Dyson

Elise Cohen

Incredible; these are two of our favorite writer-artists.

Mark Scheef

Count me in! Mark Scheef

Nick Frayser

Great to see Bill Watterson back in the spotlight. - Nick Frayser

Matthias Peters

Who wouldn´t want that?
I, Matthias Peters, want it!!! :P

Tim Neumann

so great to see bill back :)

Rodi Vehr

My two faves together - happiness!
Rodi Vehr

david essman

This is a comment on this blog post

Wayne Riddle

Would look great on my wall

Scott St. Pierre

I cut them all out of the newspaper anyway, but this would look way less chintzy.

- -Scott St. Pierre

Steve Edwards


Steve Edwards

Joyce Benzing

Pretty sure this print is PRICELESS!

Robin Singh

Spaceman Spiff vs rat would have been priceless Robin Singh

Kathy Tucker

I would love to win this
Kathy Tucker

Rachel west

This would be amazing to own! Rachel West

Steve Paulin

Does it come autographed by both artists?

Steve Paulin

Geoff Elsworth

This is sensational. Go GoComics.
Geoff Elsworth

Bill Horak

2 of the greatest cartoonists/artists of all time.
Even if I don't win, just seeing their work is a win!
Bill Horak

Jonas Rosin

Bill and Stephan - two geniuses at work!

Russ Drew

Two great comics, what a treat to win.

Steve Cianfichi

You got your Pastis in my Watterson! No you got your Watterson in my Pastis!

Andrew Shuping

I must have this. MUST. HAVE. IT.
Andrew Shuping

Wayne Chow

Wayne Chow

Mary Johnston


Dave Westphal

A piece of comic's history right there.

Paul Hawkins

Yes please! Definitely getting framed.

Niall McGrath

Can I have it please.

Alex Gerlach

A chance at a piece of history...
Alex Gerlach

Agnes Kamalnath

This would be very cool to own!
Agnes Kamalnath

Deanna Duncan-Allen

Oh my...what great gift this would be for my spouse!

Renee Miller

Another awesome giveaway!
Renee Miller

Bob Pownall

I want this SO much...
Bob Pownall

Joshua Lim

It would be an honor to receive these comic strips by Stephan Pastis and Bill Watterson.

Tony Savoni

Congratulations and thank you to Stephan Pastis for making this all happen!

Tyler Hess

This is amazing!

Andy Anderson

let's go exploring!


Good luck all!
William Chow

Chris Nelson

I, Chris Nelson, would LOVE to have one of these! :-)

Dale Stout

The bottom left one is my favorite.

Teri butcher

Bill, it was nice to have you back, even if it was for a short time! Teri Butcher

Edward Connor

Most great art is unappreciated in its own time. Mr. Watterson's is.

Vladimir Martinez

Wow this would be awesome to win.

Nicholas Chow

Love Bill Watterson.

Nick Chow

Matthew Goode

I have a friend who taught English to children in Sweden using Calvin and Hobbes. I would give it to her for her kids.

Kevin Savoni

Thank you for the opportunity to have a chance to win such an awesome prize! I will be wearing my lucky rocket ship underpants all week!

Ken Warford

A great combo, like chocolate and peanut butter!

Andrew Rogas

Hmm, this sounds like another job for Stupendous Man! KAPWINGGGG!

Anwar Green

I think you should pick Anwar Green, primarily because that's me...

Curtis Hoffmann

I loved this strip when it originally ran. Would love a print of it.
Curtis Hoffmann

Sherry Snyder

Pick me!
Sherry Snyder

Janet Davis

Janet Davis says, "This is the best (unsigned) giveaway yet! Thanks for the opportunity.

Dee Kilmer

This is awesome! (P.S. I miss Calvin and Hobbes!)

Mike Ostresh

Thanks for the laughs!

Luke Spanton

To win would be amazing. Thank you for making this awesomeness available!

Darryl Heine

I hope I win one of these!
Darryl Heine

Amy Gardner

Love that Mr.Watterson was back in the comics again.

Kim Abrahamson

This would be super cool to have!
Thank you!
Kim Abrahamson

kirk halter

Well Someone is out to get me........ GIVE.

Pam Miner

I tried before to enter, but the capcha didn't show up. there was nothing in the box.

Sarah Berger

Would LOVE to have this! Two wonderful artists doing something amazing.

Dominick Marziliano

Ooh, ooh I want one.

Kevin Kozoriz

Would love to win this - Kevin Kozoriz

Jose Manuel Villena Rodriguez

This is great!
Jose Villena.

Malthe Bjerregaard

what a unholy reunion - but what a mind blowing result

Malthe Bjerregaard

elizabeth findlay

Bill coming back to do Pearls Before Swine was the best week ever!!!

James Miller

I would love to hang this on my wall. My favorite cartoonist growing up and my favorite current cartoonist :-)
- James H. Miller

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