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Geng Heqin


marvin jung

Count me in!!!! Love Fox Trot!

James Loyd


Tony Savoni

If only Fox Trot were back every day.... One can dream!

Dominick Marziliano

Very cool. I want one! Dominick Marziliano

gregg perrin

Love this strip by Bill Amend! And, would Love to frame an original! I have Fox Trot, Say Hello to Cactus Flats & The Works on my bookshelf. Working on a comic strip of my own right now. Thanks for the inspiration, Bill!

Robin Kohler

This would be so fun!
Robin Kohler

Timothy Fisher

I'd love to get this one!

Timothy Fisher

Martin Barker

Made those specially pancakes for my kids. Did a great Mickey Mouse,if I do say so myself.Martin Barker

Chase Falkenhagen

Love this strip! Would be so great to display this! - Chase Falkenhagen

Andrew Stone

I would LOVE this! Can't get enough Foxtrot! Would look great hanging on the wall in my office at home!
Thanks! -Andrew Stone

Simon Jones

Foxtrot's awesome! Bill Amend's writing is super special awesome!

-Simon Jones

Cynthia Sexton

Wow I would love to win that this is so very cool TY

Nick Frayser

Nick Frayser - One of my all time favorite comic strips.

Paul Gabbard

I was only ever able to make blob shaped pancakes. Paul Gabbard

Alex Otte

I have ever Fowtrot book and was very sad when he stopped writing dailies. Bill Amend was a genius on capturing the real daily family life. We need more writer like him.

Jon Berger

Nice!! Jon Berger

Zachary Snyder

Am I a mutant, or what?
-Zachary Snyder

Miguel Marques dos Santos

Got to love this.

Miguel Marques dos Santos

Dave Uhrmann

Creativity in any form is stimulating and fun. Now, if I could just figure out how to make 3D pancakes, I would make my own melted butter fountain so the butter would fall from layer to layer.......coating each bite. YUM!
Dave Uhrmann

Samia Chehab

FoxTrot is one of my favorite comic strips. I love it.
Samia Chehab

Dallan Christenson

Hurray for Fox Trot!

Robin Nabbing

Great stuff. Hope you pick me!
Robin Nabbing

Dee Kilmer

I love FoxTrot!

Dee Kilmer

Michael Pohrer

I'll give a shot at winning a cool cartoon strip.
Michael Pohrer

Andrew Rogas

I'll take my pancakes in the shape of a Möbius strip. :)

Kathy Tucker

FoxTrot is my favorite comic
-Kathy Tucker

Meredith Ford

I love Foxtrot! It is such a great strip and I always save it for last on Sundays(saving the best for last) -- Meredith Ford

Michelle Justiniano

FOXTROT is one of my favorite comic strips! I have all the books! :)

A Facebook User

This is one of my favorite comic strips when I was young. One of many strips that inspired me to create my own strips.

Davy Jones

Alex Gerlach

Alex Gerlach - Looks awesome, and will be so when framed!

Jim Benson

Fox Trot is a great strip. Jim Benson

Cory Goldsack

This strip reminds me of life at my place, except I'm not that bald. Yet.

Brett Sovereign

This print would make all three members of my family very happy!

Brett Sovereign

David McLaurin

DAVID MCLAURIN (Love Foxtrot!!)

Elana Kahn

Love it! - Elana Kahn


Lisa Woodruff would love that strip!

Dave Marron

I prefer waffles, myself.


My father made the best Emo pancakes...thin and black.

Jason Menagh

I grew up reading Fox Trot!!
-Jason Menagh

Justin Baglio

Fox Trot is another great comic that's fun to read. Plus I love making shapes with my pancakes. I like to free hand all kinds of things like, cars, planes, letters, people with my batter.
-Justin Baglio creater of No Ordinary Life on Sherpa

David Adams

I absolutely love Foxtrot! Here's hoping I win.
- David Adams

Chris Lees

Love FoxTrot! Big influence on me for drawing my strip.

Chris Lees

Curtis Hoffmann

Curtis Hoffmann

Janet Davis

Janet Davis says, "I wish Foxtrot wasn't only Sunday. I get the repeats, though."

Sherry Snyder

One of my favorite all time strips!

Sherry Snyder

Renee Miller

I've always preferred plain circular pancakes. Why put in so much work on something that will be gobbled up in a couple minutes?
Renee Miller

Joshua Lim

Foxtrot has been a comic strip I always read in the papers. Although I don't receive any newspapers anymore, I still enjoy reading them online. I would appreciate it if Foxtrot became a daily strip instead of just a Sunday strip.

Pedro Silva

I don't actually follow FoxTrot (you can only follow so many and still keep a job), but I'm running for this giveaway, since I totally could have asked for that pancake shape myself!
So... Pedro Silva :)

Steve Cianfichi

My Father-in-law could make any shape you asked for as long as it was a ball; baseball, basketball, soccer ball. LOL.
Going for the win...score!

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