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Jonas Rosin

Ah, love Frazz!

Zachary Snyder

Hope I win! -Zachary Snyder

Travis McClinton

Try number 164. Fingers crossed

Jim Benson

Love when he makes a Kalamazoo reference. Jim Benson

Alan Gilbert

What a great strip, love Frazz!

Pedro Silva

Entering this one too! Pedro Silva

Renee Miller

One of the best comics currently in print.
Renee Miller

David Adams

It'd be great to win this!
- David Adams

Steve Cianfichi

I would love to add this to my wall !!!

Jacqueline Haney

Jacqueline Haney (do I still qualify if I went to school with Jef?)

Michael Holtz

This would look great in my office. Frazz inspires me to be active and I plan to compete in my first Tri sometime in the next year

Rob Alford

Rob Alford.

mick hannah

Love Frazz....fellow midwester (Illinois) here, fellow triathlete (cyclist really). Been reading and enjoying him for years.
Mick Hannah


I have a great place to hang it! Anthony Zahn

Christine Jacobs

Love the wit and wisdom the characters express. Also enjoy the home town references. Christine Jacobs

Joel Patenaude

I loved that one, Jef. Despite the "strip tease" reference, I reprinted it in my family magazine. :)

Merritt Schatz

Just love the way Frazz's (Jeff's) mind works! Merritt Schatz

Yuhaffa Fattoush

Yuhaffa Fattoush must win!

Colleen Champagne

This would be the best thing to win, ever!

Julie scott

Jef Mallet...do you read these responses? My name is Julie Scott and I love your strip. But I might be kind of biased given I'm family.

Sara Fagnilli

Love Frazz & really enjoyed meeting Jeff a couple years ago in Cleveland. in fact, had my Friday with Frazz t-shirt on today! At 54, training for my first tri - just a spint, but to be followed by an MS 150 and a century. So the bike parts of Frazz my favorite! A print woud hang as constant inspiration, just as my daily read of Frazz is. Thanks.

Daryl Van Humbeck

Sounds like it could be interesting.

Jessica Kimmel

I am a teacher, and would love to give this to my brother - an Ironman triathalete. Between the two of us we always get the joke :)
Jessica Kimmel

Leslie Larkins

Love this strip!

Matt Lovato

I love Frazz, first found it when I lived in Big Rapids
Matt Lovato


As a Cincinnati Bike Lawyer, and Pig fan, I would love to see Frazz in The Bike Lawyer's World HQ [my home office] where it would be displayed right next to my Borgman!

Kevin Shaw

I'd love this, a couple of years ago, a friend tried to get me a signed strip, didn't work out, so perhaps this will. Frazz is the freshest material out there, funny and thought provoking!
Kevin Shaw

Jack Thompson

The thinking-person's comic.

Sue Hudson

Yahoo! I can't pass up the opportunity to get a signed print from Jef! Love your work.
Sue (Nutter) Hudson

Mark Fleck

I have a space in my studio, I'd love to have this over my drawing desk while I create "Second Chances" please choose me


huge fan... Name is Loretta Bradfield

Karen Minzner

Fabulous meeting Jef at the Flying Pig expo this year. Such a nice guy! Would love a signed copy of this print. Karen Minzner

Nancy Sedlacko

Love Frazz! Reading the strip is the first thing I do each morning.

Maggs Morris

Being signed up for a spring marathon next year it guess I agree with the comic.

Nancy Mize

I finally saw Frazz about the time I started in triathlon, so everything athletic makes me laugh, and every thing about smart kids getting teachers makes me laugh for a world of other reasons.

Laura Koumos

I always love reading the other comments on these - that's so rare these days!

Rollin Butler

First heard about Frazz on the "Bob and Tom" radio show on the radio.

Sreejay S

Frazz is someone every school needs - I know, from a decade of teaching. Those days are now long gone - I quit 10 years ago, when I couldn't find the commitment any more. Perhaps, I will go back...

Carolyn Budzik

Love it! Carolyn Budzik

Denise Hovey

This particular strip is also one of my favorites. I cut it out and it's filed with my other Frazz Favorites.

Susan (the Neon Nurse) Crites

I love a ton of things about Frazz, but right at the top is how he shows us, time and again, that being smart doesn't equal being dull and boring and humorless! Susan Crites

Trevor Owens

Thank you Jef for the best strip in the funny pages! Trevor Owens

Rob Needham

I still sing "pedant pedant pedant pedant pedant..." to the tune of the Pink Panther Theme, much to the awkward distress of strangers around me. -Rob Needham

Karen Zais

Love Frazz! It's one of our favorite sources for intelligent humor. We're thankful for GoComics since we moved away from Reed City/Big Rapids and it's not published in the local paper here. Karen Zais

Ione Skaggs

Fabulous strip, sends me to the dictionary more often than any other (which is one of my favorite things about "Frazz"). I have my fingers crossed! Ione Skaggs, Canton, MI

Diana Buchanan

Jef I would love to have a signed print. I cut them out to save for friends from the newspaper.
Keep on running.

Lee Lamberts

One of your first fans when you were a pup at the GR Press. Glad to see you're doing well. If I win, THANKS!!!


Frazz + Flying Pig Marathon = Awesome! Emily Leising

Curtis Hoffmann

I know someone that would love this.
Curtis Hoffmann

Kelley Dorner

Being from Michigan, Frazz hits home with all of the great references, idioms and memories of growing up there. Everyone needs a Frazz to look up to! Kelley Dorner

Alison Gase

I just love your Frazz comics, Jef. I look forward to reading them everyday. There is always something in them that I can identify with as a retired teacher and Rapid Wheelmen cyclist. I have both of your books and enjoyed your talks at Schuler Books both times. Your daily posts on Facebook also open a window to your creative sources for me. This one especially tickles my funny bone since I literally go from as many as 8 layers of tech stuff when I ride in the winter to just a jersey and shorts in the summer. How was the Alcatraz swim? I visited there just after it closed and again many years later.

Dave Minyard

My favorite. Dave Minyard

Allyson M Dyar

Allyson Dyar

Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson, (Not Don Johnson). And isn't that a shiny, happy head? Hey, I already got three dead-tree books and three Kindles. I'm a winner before the contest starts.

Ed Ridgley

I'm a fellow leftie! Even if I don't win, I will always follow your art. Awesome creativity!

Lucy hu

Love the spunky kid! Lucy Hu

Johnna Davis

Fabulous comic strip that touches on all my favorite topics. Wallpapers my fridge!
Johnna Davis

Greg Heimann

I met Jef after the Heroes on Hines Half last year.
Greg Heimann


My name is Daniel Canfield

Aprille Curtis

Ooh, I want to win! :-). Aprille Curtis

Nonie Vsetula

I miss seeing Jef, Patty and their cast of characters or should I say critters,now that they no longer live in Lansing. This blog helps me get my Mallett fix. Glad to have you on line.

Terry Rhodes

I (aka RR)and my daughter(aka RR2) and son(aka Tri-1)are, respectively, a marathoner, a cyclist(ex-triathlete) and a triathlete. We communicate to each other through Frazz.
Thank you for the opportunities that you provide

"Rhodes Runner"

Andrew Ball

Can't start a day without it! Andrew Ball

Meg Romero

Hope to win! Newbie triathlete, but long time fan of Fraz! Meg Romero

Greg Rhodes

Frazz is awesome!!!! Greg Rhodes

Ellen Whitlock

Please enter me. Thanks, Ellen Whitlock

Dustin Vande Zande

Awesome strip!! It's nice to know there are other runners/bikers with the same thoughts! Dustin Vande Zande

David Stevens

Love the strip Dave Stevens

Karen Maas

Frazz is my favorite! :) Karen Maas

Gabe Lopez

My name is Gabe Lopez!
Team In Training Triathlete

Mary Kissane

As a teacher, I really love the wit of Frazz! And I love that he respects the intelligence of the kids and vice versa.
Mary Kissane

Greg Sommers

I started collecting Frazz comics while working as administrator in a small school. I remember running down the hall with a plunger in one hand and a memory stick in the other, thinking "yeah, this would be a Frazz comic strip."

Suzy Carrick

Love Frazz! I would love this!

Leah Weitzman

Love Jef's work. Particularly the running strips. From a fellow runner and flying pig participant- Leah Weitzman.

st acy

Love Jen's stuff! A funny, thought provoking, and visually pleasing comic strip! Stacy Vail - Detroit.

st acy

Thanks auto correct, for wrecking Jef's name.

Jenny Birmelin

Great stuff, Jef! Jenny Birmelin

Karen Rosinski

Love Frazz!

John Jouppi

I'll never be able not to, either. John Jouppi

Dave Trumpie

Love Frazz, and Jef & Patty!

Martha Fletcher

Haha! I Love Frazz! Martha Fletcher

Wendy Stein

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I would love to win this!!! Frazz is the only 2-dimensional crush I've had. :)


Really excited every day as I read Frazz.

Truth in life is found on the comics page!

Anne Potter

I love Frazz, especially its ability to be both funny and intelligent.

Joyce Benzing


Jennifer Brindley

Awesome! - Jennifer Brindley

brenda Thurber

Love it. ...Brenda Thurber


awesome..love it!!

Laurie Lundberg Towner

Geez, look at the response! Well, throw my name, Laurie Lundberg Towner, into the mix of Frazz fans! Your wit, creative genius and insight dazzle me each comic strip, Jef. Am honored to know my young neighbor and babysitting protege from long ago is such a huge success!

Mary Pitt

I love Frazz - it always makes me laugh, and often makes me think. Mary Pitt

Kurt Krueger

I admired how Jef managed to get all 4 seasons into one day. Sometimes I wish the long races were this fast, but don't want the years to go by like that.

Alex Gerlach

Alex Gerlach

Scott Devine

Run on Frazz!- Scott Devine

Trish Taylor

Love Frazz! Trish Taylor

nick telarico


Nick Telarico

Rick Leedy

Love Frazz! Rick Leedy

andrew singer

Just remember…it was me, Andrew Singer, who suggested Graeter's ice cream as a recovery snack after the flying pig.

Kirsten DeLara

Hey Jef, no matter how many people sign up for this, you've got thousands (millions?) more that enjoy your strip each day. I love the blog for the additional insight it gives into the strip and how it interacts with your life- such a great dimension! And the fact that you are smart, clever and creative is a bonus. Ok, I'm done polishing up the apple. Just thought I could give you some well diserved kudos while others might see, and agree. Cool contest.

Brian Suddeth

And Jef thinks I'm nuts!

Mike Kruger

This would go perfectly with my IMBA Frazz Bicycle Jersey!

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