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Adam Arnold

please let it be me - Adam Arnold


Frazz is the Man, or is he the Grip? No, the terminator.

Geri Finch

Love Frazz

Tina Wald

Jef, you know I've been a fan since before I knew you were Callipygian. But maybe I shouldn't win because I already have a signed strip along with a few of your books. Love Frazz!

Dan Ganzer

Even though Jef is a better triathlete than me, I'd still love a signed print.

Jocelyn Ethridge

My fave fave favorite art!

Rebecca Sherry

I just love Frazz. He speaks to the smart-alec kid in all of us.

Bruce Crocker

Have switched from reading Frazz in the LA Times to online when I realized that the only reason I was still getting a physical newspaper was for the funnies. Frazz is bigger online!

Brian Peirce

Brian Peirce - Michigan marathoner, Americana music fan, and devoted Frazz fanatic!

Brian Suddeth

Oh God! He's getting the runs again!


Brian Suddeth

David Keely

LOVE Frazz! Thanks. David Keely

Nick McClure

Jef, you're my favorite cartoonist (for so many reasons)!

Linda Moerdyke

I always love Frazz. It touches so many parts of my life- cycling, teaching and the kids!




I love the shoutouts on Frazz's t-shirts! Stacy Vail, Detroit

Jen Lacy

Frazz is awesome - Jennifer Lacy

Michael Morgan

One of the best comics around! -- Michael Morgan

Michael Coleman

Love Frazz!--Michael Coleman

Aaron Yost

Huge fan Jef! Keep it up!

Kathy Emery

Love being able to start my day with Frazz! Thanks, Jef!

Heather Newman

Jef Mallett is an awesome person AND an awesome cartoonist and a triathlon inspiration. :) - Heather Newman

Rollin Butler

Frazz Rocks!

Allen Thompson

Oh Happy Day!

Gordon Shirk

Gordon Shirk. As a former elementary school teacher I always hoped I would get a Caulfield or two every year. Instead, I got a class full of Calvins.

Don Wheaton

Hoping for a summit finish of my own (with or without an autographed panel)!

john mcconnell

Johnny McConnell... Teacher, cyclist and total Frazz nerd!

Tony Stevens

Tony Stevens

lani Diemicke

Frazz is the only strip I read

Lani Diemicke

Bes Baldwin

Frazz is the best!

Laura Wenham

Inspirational comic for teachers!

Yolande Rose

Happy to have discovered Frazz from reading Trizophrenia when I started doing triathlons.
I would love to have a signed copy of one of Jef Mallett's strips.

Peter Bissinger

Frazz is seriously fantastic! I have encouraged my paper, the Des Moines Register to add it on several occasions.

Todd Kauffman

Frazz rocks!

Scott Connelly

Frazz forever!
Scott Connelly

Suzy Carrick

Suzy Carrick - one of your old teacher's kid :)

Barry Pray

Love your strip

Eric Fernando

Frazz rocks

Bill Harris

Bill Harris

Carol Bussey

Always makes me smile :) - Carol Bussey

Jonathan Banks

As a fellow cyclist I love Frazz!- Jonathan Banks

Bob Metzger

How great would it be to win this!

Lana K

Jeff is one of the nicest people ever and knowing he writes one of my favorite comics is even better!

Cathy Giroux

Love Frazz, Jef is a pretty good guy too!

Brad Bower

Definite "want" - Brad Bowers, fellow IMTC 'bee'c

Noel Schatz

Long time, no see Jef. Will you be delivering the winning strip in person? I have a few hills we could ride.

Cindy Penfold

Cindy Penfold

Dominick Marziliano

Pretty cool stuff! Very funny! - Dominick Marziliano

Gary Hobgood

I Frazz daily

Matt Evans

Don't forget that even if you don't win you can make this part of your collection by going to http://www.gocomics.com/frazz/2014/05/04#.U5x0X427mU0 and selecting the small orange triangle that allows you to order the print.

Shelly Pierson

I have had a single run that went from 3 layers to one this year. What a winter. Shelly Pierson

Ken Nichols

Love Frazz, even the Pearls crossovers! As a runner I especially like the running strips. Ken Nichols

Rex Fermier

I LOVE reading Frazz!

Kathy Tucker

Frazz is a favorite of mine
Kathy Tucker

Darrell Troth

Darrell Troth say: "Am fan of intelligent humor. Humor am good when show kids as smart too!"
He did say it. Verbatim.

Verena Shields

I'm a cycle tourist traveling around Europe and enjoy the strip each day;))

Matt Evans

Matt Evans

Craig Wittler

Craig Wittler, another Frazzo-phile

Michelle Stein

I'm a middle school teacher...I LOVE Frazz and wish it was in my local paper. Michelle Stein

Sheneeka Ward

I'm still pretty new to Frazz, but it is cool to see that the creator is a Lefty. - Sheneeka Ward

Brian Ponshock

Count me in!

Brian Ponshock

Count me in!

A Facebook User

Best give away yet!!!!! AWE----SOME!!!!!

Davy Jones

Marty Malin

Love the exercise references, along with the creative humor!

Jon Berger

Funny, I have a blank wall space EXACTLY that size!
Jon Berger

Mike Kruger

This would go perfectly with my IMBA Frazz Bicycle Jersey!

Brian Suddeth

And Jef thinks I'm nuts!

Kirsten DeLara

Hey Jef, no matter how many people sign up for this, you've got thousands (millions?) more that enjoy your strip each day. I love the blog for the additional insight it gives into the strip and how it interacts with your life- such a great dimension! And the fact that you are smart, clever and creative is a bonus. Ok, I'm done polishing up the apple. Just thought I could give you some well diserved kudos while others might see, and agree. Cool contest.

andrew singer

Just remember…it was me, Andrew Singer, who suggested Graeter's ice cream as a recovery snack after the flying pig.

Rick Leedy

Love Frazz! Rick Leedy

nick telarico


Nick Telarico

Trish Taylor

Love Frazz! Trish Taylor

Scott Devine

Run on Frazz!- Scott Devine

Alex Gerlach

Alex Gerlach

Kurt Krueger

I admired how Jef managed to get all 4 seasons into one day. Sometimes I wish the long races were this fast, but don't want the years to go by like that.

Mary Pitt

I love Frazz - it always makes me laugh, and often makes me think. Mary Pitt

Laurie Lundberg Towner

Geez, look at the response! Well, throw my name, Laurie Lundberg Towner, into the mix of Frazz fans! Your wit, creative genius and insight dazzle me each comic strip, Jef. Am honored to know my young neighbor and babysitting protege from long ago is such a huge success!


awesome..love it!!

brenda Thurber

Love it. ...Brenda Thurber

Jennifer Brindley

Awesome! - Jennifer Brindley

Joyce Benzing


Anne Potter

I love Frazz, especially its ability to be both funny and intelligent.


Really excited every day as I read Frazz.

Truth in life is found on the comics page!

Wendy Stein

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I would love to win this!!! Frazz is the only 2-dimensional crush I've had. :)

Martha Fletcher

Haha! I Love Frazz! Martha Fletcher

Dave Trumpie

Love Frazz, and Jef & Patty!

John Jouppi

I'll never be able not to, either. John Jouppi

Karen Rosinski

Love Frazz!

Jenny Birmelin

Great stuff, Jef! Jenny Birmelin

st acy

Thanks auto correct, for wrecking Jef's name.

st acy

Love Jen's stuff! A funny, thought provoking, and visually pleasing comic strip! Stacy Vail - Detroit.

Leah Weitzman

Love Jef's work. Particularly the running strips. From a fellow runner and flying pig participant- Leah Weitzman.

Suzy Carrick

Love Frazz! I would love this!

Greg Sommers

I started collecting Frazz comics while working as administrator in a small school. I remember running down the hall with a plunger in one hand and a memory stick in the other, thinking "yeah, this would be a Frazz comic strip."

Mary Kissane

As a teacher, I really love the wit of Frazz! And I love that he respects the intelligence of the kids and vice versa.
Mary Kissane

Gabe Lopez

My name is Gabe Lopez!
Team In Training Triathlete

Karen Maas

Frazz is my favorite! :) Karen Maas

David Stevens

Love the strip Dave Stevens

Dustin Vande Zande

Awesome strip!! It's nice to know there are other runners/bikers with the same thoughts! Dustin Vande Zande

Ellen Whitlock

Please enter me. Thanks, Ellen Whitlock

Greg Rhodes

Frazz is awesome!!!! Greg Rhodes

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