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Susana Gonçalves

Happy birthday! I love you baby.

E Sutton

I have grown up with Garfield and hope to enjoy growing old with it too.

Pamela Elkins

Omg I cannot believe Garfields jus over a year oldr than I? I found his 1st ratted up comic at a garage sale n my step mom looked at me lk I was crazy but hv been Hooked since. He has helped me thru sum sad n tuff times cuz cats hv feelings too he once said :) luv him with all my Heart n glad ee r getting old together..hope we dye snackin togethrr too lol jk ;) luv ma beebee!♡♥

eloisa espiritu

CALLING ATTENTIONS :) :: here is my email add. Eloisa_espiritu@ymail.com I WILL BE GLAD having lots of friends who also ADMIRE GARFIELD :) we can SHARES conversation bout our favorite stuff ... shares showings our collections ;) hMmMmM I'll wait U guys on my I'D :)

eloisa espiritu

Now 2014 ;I'm already 33 years old yet still in love to GARFIELD :) even my 4 bubbly baby's knew how I ADORE sooo much GARFIELD ... they are familiar to my only LOVE most stuff because where ever their eyes led GARFIELD around :) the house ... my dream most MEET Mr . JIM DAVID in person but I know too impossible to happen :( ... well , if I have given a chance my dream come true for me if happen I MEET 1 of a family member CLOSE to him :)

eloisa espiritu

It's really an honor for ME to having PART for comment in this PAGE :) I am 1 in a millions FAN of GARFIELD with FRIEND'S ... I remember the very first time I see GARFIELD my whole system caught my attention :) I'm only 19 years old that time ;) ... in that day I beginningto start collecting GARFIELD stuff ...


I grew up reading Garfield, and I'm happy to grow old with him too!

Mary Cay Martin

Garfield and I share a birthday so the birthday strips are like getting an extra present. Thank yo


Tanks for this Great "Happy Birthday Garfield " to Jim Davis. I enjoyed going down birthday memory lane that you've shared. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARFIELD!!! Thanks for Garfield Jim Davis.

sophie de bolster

love it!
Please dont ever stop making Garfield cartoons!


Jim Davis, One day......One day.....you too will be old and you will look back at these strips. Yes! You will look back, back at these strips and then you will do as all the rest of us old geezers do.............Laugh your butt off. Thank you for making getting older a happy thing, if even for just a brief moment of time.

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