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A Facebook User

It was an awesome series of strips!!!! I cashed in on my parody of the strip. I posted Charmy's Army's version on Sunday night and my page's like count grew over 100 likes by Wednesday. I think I have gained about 120 as of today.

Gotta ride trends when they are hot... :)

I'll sign back up to Sherpa tonight or this weekend and share my parody of PBS with everyone.

But back to the story at hand, it is so inspiring to see this industry get a much needed shot in the arm. I am hoping a renewed interest in comic strips has risen. Time to harness the surge and ride the wave. Riders UP!!!! Who will come up with the next big story idea? Or the next big MONEY MAKING idea? I feel something big on the horizon... I have a few ideas myself on what could change our world... Might start a Facebook page on this.... hmmm..... Stay TOON'ed!.... :)

Thanks Stephan Pastis for getting our industry some needed attention.

- Davy Jones......

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