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Israel Blue Phillips

I love Calvin & Hobbes because it is the embodiment of youth making sense of an otherwise complex and chaotic world. When confronted with the overwhelming challenges and difficulties that life presents each and every day, it reminds me that it is okay to seek guidance from the child within for a sense of balance and harmony and to marvel at the wonders of the world that surround me.

Andrew Starr

Andrew Starr. I love Calvin and Hobbes' unbridled enthusiasm.

Dale Stout

What the hay.

Barbara Ricker

I love how you can reference different C & H comics for different events in your life and all your close friends understand immediately! Barbara Ricker

Jacob Heuscher

The reason that I love C&H is it always makes me smile and laugh.

Viviana Roman

Viviana Roman
I love Calvin and Hobbes, because they accompany the child in me, into this weird trip called adulthood.

Luis Nieto

Read Calvin and Hobbes brings back fond memories of my childhood when I started reading the comic strip in the newspaper every Sunday. Luis Nieto

Tinka Witte

I discovered the Comic late, but they remind me of my wonderful childhood, make me laugh and forget all about those grown-up's sorrow :-)

Sachin Suresh

No one introduced me to Calvin and Hobbes. I randomly came across some comic strips, the story of a 6 year old and his 'pet tiger'. But instantly I felt a connection, a connection with every single characters in that strip. It became an obsession, and soon I was hunting down all comics on the amazing duo. And now, at the age of 25, I am still in love with Calvin and Hobbes....

Graham Kocjan

The best comic strip by far.

Robert Western

Robert Western

I started reading Calvin and Hobbes when I was younger with my Grandfather while he was still alive. Since then, I've always been a fan.

Storyteller John Weaver

I love Calvin & Hobbes. The day it went away was a sad day for the comics.

Luis Nieto

Read Calvin and Hobbes brings back fond memories of my childhood when I started reading the comic strip in the newspaper every Sunday.


Calvin and Hobbes has such a rich and imaginative storyline that co tinues to entertain me no matter how many times I read them :). -Arely Hernandez

Jason Chung

Jason Chung

I fondly remember flipping through the daily papers in the morning while waiting for my breakfast. At five year old, I found the Calvin & Hobbes comic strip captivating my attention more than any others in same page due to the nicely drawn characters and humorous actions/ expressions. Not entirely able to comprehend what it says but it was still a daily joy. As the years rolled by, I gradually began to understand those messages behind the three or four block strips; how it mimics a typical childhood should be like; imaginary, creativity, curiosity, adventurous & rebellious (making your parents blow their top more than one occasion). In my thirties now, whenever I think of the last Calvin & Hobbes comic strip of 311295 and the message it brings; it will definitely bring back a smile and a tear.

Kristopher Jolly

I never win anything, so it would be nice to win this print..

Chanel Tyers

Calvin and Hobbes both have provided a sense of comfort and humour for me.
Growing up with a vivid imagination, I could relate and understand the deeper meanings of the comic.
It had inspired me so much so, that I decided to major in a philosophy major in university.
My life has been influenced in so many ways by it and I don't know where I would be today without reading it while I grew up.

Derek Oppen

Calvin and Hobbes has always been my favourite comic strip of all time.

Lynette Dale-Paulsen

Lynette Dale-Paulsen - my son actually did this! Love Calvin and Hobbes!

Travis Rhuby

I love Calvin and Hobbes because I see my kids in the things they do together. I can read the comic and it makes me remember when one of the four did something similar, or had the same innocence, or attitude, or joy for just being a kid with his/her tiger. That's why I have a C&H tattoo, when I see it, it makes me think of my children and smile, which in turn keeps me feeling young at heart!

Nancy Lord

Love Calvin's naivete and cynicism...Hobbes just tries to keep them a littled balanced. Nancy Lord

James Logue

Always enjoyed Hobbes view of life (and pouncing!)

Debra Baldwin

Debra Baldwin.....because it's my dad's and mines favorite cartoon strip...when I read C&H....I think of my father....:)

Mak Manson

Mak Manson
I love C&H because as a kid, I felt like Calvin's intelligence, vocabulary and imagination were things that I not only aspired to, but also connected with him on. Plus the art is simply incredible. I have the full collection.

Beatriz Coltro

Beatriz Coltro
I love how it makes me smile everyday since I was a little girl with simple short lines. Calvin and Hobbes inspires everyone!

Madison Ambrose Hall

Madison Ambrose Hall

I grew up reading Calvin & Hobbes in the newspaper. I was an only child that just identified with Calvin and I always wished I could go on the adventures he did with Hobbes. And even at a young age, Watterson's words captivated me; spoke to me in a way that I understood.

Troy Peterson

Oh man, I would love to have one of these. Please, please, please. It would go great in my art studio next to my Pogo print.

Chris Wright

Christopher Wright

I love Calvin & Hobbes because they remind me of the wonder that goes with being a child. I often imagined things as completely different than they seemed to other people, so Calvin really spoke to me, both as a young person and now as an adult.

Péter Nagy

Philosophy, brilliant humor and an imaginary tiger!! No one can beat Calvin & Hobbes! :)

El Guebali Dina

My comment isn't showing is that normal ?

Whitney Thompson

The snow monsters rule.

Praveen Maria

C&H is unadulterated innocence coupled with astounding maturity, and that's any of your life situation has a Calvin quote related to it :)


Trevor cassidy

Because it's hilarious. Many other reasons, but first and foremost they're funny.

Frank Labis

Calvin and Hobbes have always made me appreciate the little things in life.... like snowmen :-)

Angie Lambert

Angie Lambert - Calvinball! I have loved this comic for as long as I can remember, married a man who also loves it, and now we enjoy sharing Calvin and Hobbes with our children! (Both of who I think are real life versions of Calvin himself!)


Leyton Roe - I've always loved Calvin and Hobbes because I could relate to it both as an imaginative child and as an adult

Vickie Talbot

I always aspired to be Hobbes but truthfully I'm more like Calvin! I love everything about Calvin & Hobbes and now I'm a mother it's soooo tempting to use Calvin's dad's lines on my kids!
- Vickie Talbot

Robert Pearson

I love Calvin and Hobbes, because it captures the things you think about, but could never say or do, even though you want to so badly. In high school, I tried to recreate the snowman strip where one is hit by a car with the others looking on in shock. Didn't turn out very well, but it was a blast trying.

Jessica Everett

I fell in love with Calvin & Hobbes when I was in high school over 20 years ago. The inseparable duo quickly became my favorite comic of all time and still are!

Ryan Gerlach

Ryan Gerlach
Calvin and Hobbs simplifies the everyday chaos that is around us and puts it into perspective. I love it for giving the simple answer of "Don't take everything too seriously"

Barbara Jackson

Calvin is the quintessential boy! He dreams large and his friend Hobbe's make a boys life complete.

Carol Erickson

Carol Erickson - love his "art" - the use of the line.

Nathan Stevens

I NEED this print! As a teacher, it's always fun to see kids on picture day... and the trouble they invariably get into! This would go in my room at school for sure!

Saif Sh

It seems like an ordinary comic strip but it's the story of our lives.

Saif Sh

paul smith

hansdown the best comic strip of all time.

Liz Boehm

Liz Boehm
I love that Calvin and Hobbes makes me laugh so hard, and, in doing so, helps me approach the world with a little more wisdom.

Steve Bowcott

Steve Bowcott: this strip reminds me to approach life with imagination, wonder and humor.

Steven Breikss

I love Calvin & Hobbes because no matter my age I can still relate to it, it's just my perspective that changes.

Elizabeth Thompson

I love Calvin and Hobbes because every time I read a book I find new things that weave into his wonderful world, they make me laugh every single time

Jeff Stewart

Jeff Stewart

Because it still holds up 20 years after it ended.

Frances Duff

I'm a teacher and I wanted to design a course, "The World According to Calvin & Hobbes." Such a wonderful way to deliver life lessons from a snarky 6 year old and his wise companion.

Nick Stratton

Nick Stratton loves Calvin and Hobbes because it attacks the Aristotelian work eithic, advocates for green living, and is the perfect portal to the fun that two friends can have!

Cormac O'Leary

No matter how bad a day, no matter how tough times get, Calvin and Hobbes mend my spirits.

Daryl Davis

Daryl Davis
Philosophy in comics form ... what's not to love?

Fabian Kiefer

Fabian Kiefer

"They say winning isn't everything, and I've decided to take their word for it." - Calvin

Cynthia Schiff

I love Calvin and Hobbes because I've been reading it for 30 years, have read every strip many, many times and I still laugh every time. Cynthia Schiff

Jerome Vinecourt

Funniest and smartest strip ever. My favorite is when Calvin makes snowmen.

Judy Hnat

No only do I adore C&H, I use the strip to teach my student to read for inference, learn vocabulary from context clues and enhance creative writing skills by creating their own strips


I love Them and sometimes think that he has seen my children ....before i got them ggg

Glen Ventura

I love Calvin and Hobbes because I share their world view. Indeed, Calvin reminds me of me as a child (poor mom!)

mike hebner

Mike Hebner
I grew up with C&H they helped me survive my childhood.

Mette Meibom

They make me laugh ever time - no matter how many times I have read it 😄

Jared Gibson

I love Calvin and Hobbes because it is by far one of the most consistently clever, creative, and hilariously brilliant comic strips.

Mary Pass

I just love C and H because it reminds me of my childhood. I had Casper. My folks would find me talking to him, sitting in the closet and planning all kinds of trips !! lollll now I think back ... geez

Helayna Bostian

Helayna Bostian
I love Calvin and Hobbes because they are an important part of my childhood.

Sandrine Szabo

My favorite comic since I discovered it when a teenager. Reminds me to keep my kids eyes ;)


Because this defines and re-visit the kid, hidden in each of us .

Yannick Copin

I'm French, and C&H taught me some key elements of the American Way Of Life ("Show & Tell", lunchtime, school bus, etc.)

Holly Senecal

Our whole family reads Calvin and Hobbes comics...that is how my youngest son learned to read!

Earl Williams

Calvin and Hobbes makes me delirious. I can only read five pages without my eyes dripping and my sides hurting from laughing. I have all the books and I read each day ;but, I can only physically read five pages at a time. Been this way for 29 years. Thank you

Benjamin Callahan

Benjamin Callahan

My father introduced me to Calvin and Hobbes and now I read the comic with my sons. I've always seen Calvin as the creative genius in all of us that sometimes gets us into trouble. Hobbes is so real and rightfully so, because it is our imagination that inspires our creativity to will things into existence.

Brittany Novack

I love Calvin and Hobbes because it's one of the things I've loved ever since I was a little kid, they made me laugh, and they were one of the few things that I never outgrew, and they kept me entertained throughout summers where I couldn't go outside, I got to go outside when reading Calvin and Hobbes.

Steven Calaway

It shows friendship at it's best. Timeless classic!

Cyrus Massoudi

I love Calvin and Hobbes for more than just the laughs and reading them with my girlfriend. I love Calvin and Hobbes because they remind me to always keep my imagination, philosophy is good for the soul, and getting into a little bit of trouble trouble never hurt anyone. I plan on sharing Calvin and Hobbes with my future and handing down my collection to my future children so they can learn to enjoy and cherish this timeless classic.

Nick Scholtz

Nick Scholtz

As a comic Calvin & Hobbes is both unusually precise (in the artwork and details) and unusually free in spirit and creativity.

Jon Abraham

I love Calvin and Hobbes for so many reasons. It was so well written; snarky, intelligent and silly. I was able to identify with the fact that he didn't have many friends and spent a lot of time creating imaginary worlds for himself to live in. One of the best things about C&H is Bill Watterson, that he fought against merchandising, never messed with the integrity of the strip, and stopped writing when he felt he exhausted the constraints of the medium.

Best of all though, it's something that still resonates with me today, nearly 20 years after the last strip ran.

Anthony Jacques

Anthony Jacques

Calvin and Hobbes showed me, very early on, that philosophy is just as important as laughter.


Why do i like Calvin & Hobbes? Can that be explained? Wow if someone can put my feelings in words that would be something.
Somethings in life don't have an explanation Why i love every single strip of Calvin & Hobbes is one of them...

Aviva Morger

Aviva Morger
I grew up with Calvin and Hobbes. Reminds me of warm summer nights with my mom and older brother cracking up over our collections of Calvin and Hobbes books; our wonder at the depth and insight and friendship of Calvin and Hobbes. *sigh...

Mike Buscema

To me, Calvin & Hobbes was, is, and will always be the perfect comic strip. Created by genius Bill Watterson, it contained all the elements that make a great comic: characters, writing, artwork, and of course one of the most original ideas ever conceived in the industry; and elevated them all to a level never seen before in printed newspaper. Aside from the brilliance of the strip itself, Watterson fought to push the boundaries the syndicates placed on format, refused to saturate the retail markets with merchandise, and ultimately succeeded in doing what few artists ever do: quit before the material became stale. In these ways, Calvin & Hobbes transcends all comics before and since its brief decade-long run.


Pouf Cascadeur
C&H is power of imagination.

Jason R. Elliott

Calvin and Hobbs should be the handbook to life.

Jason R. Elliott

Alex Coulombe

I love Calvin and Hobbes because it serves as a constant reminder of a time when there was a still wonder and magic in the world. And remembering that brings it back.

John Bobik

Every time I read one it reminds to be a kid. Life is no fun if we just grow up. It is much more fun to be a kid.

John Bobik

John Bobik

Every time I read one it reminds me why it is important to be creative and remember what it is like to be a kid. Life is no fun if you just grow up.

Karen Martin

I've always been a fan of Calvin and Hobbes because I used to know them. And who wouldn't want to see the world through their lenses.

Scott Parente

Scott Parente
I think of these panels everytime I try to take a picture of my family.

Mike Rhode

I love it's timelessness.

Steve Morus

Calvin reminds me in different ways of my own two sons, David and Andrew, as they were growing up. Plus it's my favorite strip.

Beth Levin

I have loved C&H for years and would treasure a print.
Thanks for this blog and the opportunity!

Zoot Sax

When I was in 1st Grade, my best friend gave me a copy of "Something Under the Bed is Drooling." Not only did this introduce me to Calvin & Hobbes, it encouraged me to read more in order to understand it. Calvin & Hobbes not only helped me to develop my reading skills, it helped me to develop as a person, and it helped to build my friendship with my best friend (we have remained best friends for over 30 years now).

This is why I love Calvin & Hobbes. Without Bill Watterson, I would not be a writer, a thinker, a philosopher, a dreamer, and I might not have made a friendship that I have sustained for three decades.

Mary Mckinney

I have enjoyed Calvin & Hobbes for helping me remember my childhood escapades and dreamt adventures....it also helped me keep perspective and laugh.....I have three boys! LOL!

Eric Krebs

Eric Krebs
One of the few things my father and I agreed on was Calvin & Hobbes.

MIke Jessup

That is a smile...!!!!
There are lots of pictures of me making the same sort of smile.
~Mike Jessup

Stefanie Fulwood

Stefanie Fulwood

I can't begin to count the ways that Calvin and Hobbes has moved me, challenged me to think and made me laugh. My oldest son is Hobbes. My youngest son is Calvin. He not only reflected back childhood, but the Universe around us in a truly profound way that can sometimes only be captured with humor. I am forever changed by the beauty of Calvin and Hobbes

Pam park

I love Calvin and Hobbes with all my heart. My son is a true incarnation of Calvin.

grace zong

C&H always makes me smile!
Grace Zong

Mark Laurence C. Gabe

Mark Laurence C. Gabe
I Love Calvin And Hobbes Because It Makes Me Feel Young; And It Makes My Imagination Run Like I Was A Child . . . This Makes Me Happy <3

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