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Brian Bednarek

I have been enjoying the whole Annie crossover and find it even cooler that Lum & Abner made an guest shot ... the weekly strip is a lot of fun and hopefully this will help them reach a larger audience!!!

Brian Farmer

Enjoyed this crossover so much. I'm the odd duck who's a big Lum & Abner fan, but who's never really read Dick Tracy. Was so much fun to see two of my favorite characters in such a revered strip.

I do have to admit that the Annie crossover has me intrigued, and may make a regular reader out of me.

Hope that folks who don't know about Lum & Abner will check out Donnie Pitchford's strip and do a looking into the original radio show, too. If you enjoyed the kind of humor, insight, and atmosphere that the Andy Griffith Show brought to TV, you'd love Lum & Abner. It actually influenced several things about Mayberry, in fact.

Donnie Pitchford

Thanks so much for posting this information on our crossover! It was a lot of fun!

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