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Scott Alan Blanchard

Wow!! This would be wonderful to win. Thanks for doing these special offerings.

Marco Di Domenico

Che bei quadretti. Li incornicerei tutti e li sostituirei con le facce dei miei colleghi di ufficio. ;-)

Jessica Hubbard

What fun! Thank you! - Jessica Hubbard

Fernando Barillas

Fernando Barillas This id the best site ever

christopher harner

thanks for the chance
christopher harner

Elana Kahn

This look so amazing!!! - Elana Kahn

Jeff Korn

great idea

David Jones

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

David Jones

Andrew Shuping

Me please! I promise to love them and call them friend! Andy Shuping


I promise to put them in a frame. Mike Ross

Jonathan Petley

It looks like quite the scramble for these things. All I can do is comment as instructed and cross my fingers. Thanks.


So awesome! Thanks so much for the chance!
Austin Baroudi

 Danny Hollinger

Awesomesauce!!! Danny Hollinger

Mason Radcliffe

What a great prize!

Amanda El-Dweek

I can dig this.

- Amanda R. El-Dweek

Zak Eden

I just can't resist! I'm too big of a fan of comic strips!!!
Zak Eden

Donna Camp

What a great giveaway!

david essman

david essman

Brian Ponshock

Woo Hoo! A great batch of prints.
Brian Ponshock

Jim Benson

Nice. It would be an instant collection for the winners. Jim Benson

Chi Shannon

Exciting and very cool :)

Sarah Berger

Great list. We follow almost half of those regularly! Sarah Berger

Rogue Symmetry

Just thinking of winning this makes me tingle!

Derrick Wood/Rogue Symmetry

James Logue

What can I say? WOW! Pick me, pick me!
James Logue

Pedro Silva

Count me in again! Pedro Silva

A Facebook User

I just turned a room into my studio... I need these up on my studio's walls for inspiration on those days when I wonder if anyone reads my strip!!!!... which is pretty much EVERY day... :o
- Davy Jones

Jose Villena

Fantastic! I want those souvenirs!
Jose Villena.

Bob Haslett

Comics! Love this giveaway. Yes. I suffer from PEANUTS Envy.

Joe Krejci 5

Very cool. Some great artist in this set of prints.

Mike Ostresh

Please count me in!
Mike Ostresh

Curtis Hoffmann

Yes, really nice artwork here. I'd love the TMCM and Last Kiss.
Curtis Hoffmann

Daniel Canfield

Daniel Canfield

Austin oconnell milne

Austin O,connell-Milne

Matt Lassen

Matt Lassen

Janet Davis

Holy Cow! Janet Davis says, "Just when I thought the prizes couldn't get any better!"

Michelle Justiniano

Definitely a great prize! Good luck to everyone and congrats to the winner!
- Michelle Justiniano

Todd Widdows

Wow, Count Me in. Todd Widdows

Nathan Rivera

Nathan Rivera

Nathan Rivera

Very cool.

Teri butcher

Love comics! Miss Boom County. Teri Bucher

Anthony Erceg

WOW! That's a serious giveaway. You should probably put those back in the gilded box & close the lid before everybody's faces melt off.

Kevin Bermingham

Oh yes. You will be mine.
Kevin Bermingham

Zachary Snyder

Wow, what an awesome prize! Hope I win!
Zachary Snyder

Lee Eberhart

Nothing better than classic comic strips!
-Lee Eberhart

David Sanchez

Awesome giveaway. Good luck to everyone.

- David Sanchez

Tony Savoni

Never have made it to SDCC. Would love to win this!

Ken Warford

Another great big giveaway! I wish I could win this, but the way this year has been this is probably a waste of time, but damn the chances, I'm entering anyway!

Rhonda Sawtelle

Wow... what an AWESOME collection!
-Rhonda Sawtelle

Joyce Benzing

Incredible collection!

Tommy R. Donovan

Another awesome giveaway of greatness!!
— Tommy R. Donovan

Dale Stout

Chock Full 'O Nuts!

Craig Wittler

A fabulous collection, perfect for covering up all the cracks and stains on my walls, sez Craig Wittler

Chris Lees

Chris Lees

David Adams

Those are some nice prints!
- David Adams

Meredith Ford

Very cool! Meredith Ford

Michael Pohrer

Wow! Amazing prize packages. I am super excited to throw my grubby mitts in the running for the awesomeness. I am so looking forward to holding the cool autographed swag.
Michael Pohrer

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