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June 04, 2014

Happy Hug Your Cat Day!

© Gemma Correll
© Gemma Correll

I'm more of a dog person myself, but since I'm a huge fan of Gemma Correll's work and it's Hug Your Cat Day (not a joke — click here if you don't believe me). I think you should stop everything you're doing and go hug your cat. Don't have one? Go find a nice cat, then give it a soft, humane squeeze. After that, click here for more funny cartoons from Gemma. Right meow!

February 03, 2014

She said "YEAH!"

Ordinary Bill by Will Wilson |
Ordinary Bill by Will Wilson |


Cartoonist Will Wilson, creator of the Ordinary Bill comic strip, is getting married! His marriage proposal is certainly one of the cutest I've ever seen. Watch Will propose to his girlfriend via his comic strip (while secretly filming her)! I'll bet you can't make it through this video without a gigantic smile on your face.





CONGRATS, WILL! We wish you and that beautiful fiancee of yours the very best!


➜ Read Ordinary Bill comics here!

December 29, 2013

When do you take your Christmas decorations down?


November 26, 2013



Jan "Stone Soup" Eliot's in Keef Knight's "The Knight Life" this week!


The Knight Life by Keith Knight
The Knight Life by Keith Knight |


See more Jan Eliot/The Knight Life crossover here.

Read why Jan's in the comic here.

November 06, 2013

Let's go pumpkin caroling!



Click here for Peanuts comics!

October 16, 2013

It's National Boss' Day

Happy Boss' Day to all the great bosses in the world!


PS- Dilbert's Facebook page is giving away two archive-quality SIGNED Sunday comic prints (featuring Pointy-Haired Boss)! Don't miss out! This contest is short and ends on Friday (10/18) at 10am CT. 




September 19, 2013

Argh Matey! It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy! Grog-filled Thursday. I mean, grog-filled International Speak Like a Scurvy Pirate Day! Savage Chickens be nailin' it 'tis week!

Savage Chickens by Doug Savage1
Savage Chickens by Doug Savage2
Savage Chickens by Doug Savage3
Savage Chickens by Doug Savage4

Ye'll have to wait 'til to'morrow fer Friday's scurvy pirate comic. 'Tis a great!


Add Savage Chickens to your My Comics Page. 

September 09, 2013

IIIIT'S Teddy Bear Day!

Teddy Bear Day is a real day, and it's happening right now! Did you know? It occurs every September 9th. This cartoon from Jen Sorenson seems rather fitting... 

Teddy Bear Day
Jen Sorensen |

August 02, 2013

I want!

My dog ate my glasses a few months ago. I need to get another pair. I think I totally need these...

July 22, 2013

Thanks, SDCC!


Click image to view entire SDCC photo album
Click above to view entire SDCC photo album


We're back in Kansas City after an amazing week at San Diego Comic-Con. It was our TENTH YEAR attending this Con. Wow. Special thanks to all who stopped by our GoComics/Andrews McMeel Publishing booth. Follow us closely on social media this week for special post-SDCC giveaways.


We put together a photo album of our experience at at comic-con. Click here to see the entire album. We're already pumped about next year!

June 06, 2013

Attending Heroes Con this year?

If you're one of the lucky ones attending Heroes Con this year, stop by the Team Cul de Sac booth (AA-630), and don't miss these fun events:


SATURDAY, 6/8 @ 11am


Eisner-nominated Chris Sparks started Team Cul de Sac in 2010 to raise money for Parkinson’s research.  In honor of Richard Thompson, the Reuben award-winning cartoonist of the daily strip, Cul de Sac, Sparks assembled the book, Team Cul de Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson’s.  The team continues to fundraise through book sales, auction items from cartoonists and the annual HeroesCon Drink and Draw event.  The panel features Chris Sparks talking with TCDS contributors Steve Conley, SL GallantDave McDonald,Craig Fischer and more!  See it, then stop by their table and see some of the items they’re auctioning off this weekend, including the rare Bill Watterson signed copy of The Complete Calvin and Hobbes, and an Art Spiegelman signed and sketched edition of Maus!



SATURDAY, 6/8 @ 3pm


Room 209/210: MEGA MUSIC PANEL: “And Brainiac on Xylophone”:
On the Intersection(s) of Comics and Music 

Comics and music share a lot of affinities—both depend heavily on rhythm and intervals, and many cartoonists are also musicians—and cartoonist Ben Towle and blogger Craig Fischer have organized a diverse smorgasbord of a panel to explore these affinities. Ben will discuss the many ways cartoonists represent music visually, and will chair a wide-ranging panel on comics and music with Peter Bagge (Hate,Yeah!), Ed Piskor (Hip-Hop Family Tree), Andrew Robinson and Vivek J. Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle). Craig will talk about the work of Marc Weidenbaum, an editor, teacher and musician who’s been combining comics and music in his creative projects for over two decades. And Charlotte avant-duo Ghost Trees (Brent Bagwell on saxophone, Seth Nanaa on drums) will participate in two live comics/music performances, including a soundtrack for Joe Lambert’s “Turtle, Keep It Steady,” a rock-n-roll retelling of the Tortoise-Hare fable! 

May 09, 2013

This is not a pipe. This is not a halfpipe. This is not a tattoo.



The image above is a photo of a famous painting called, The Treachery of Images by Belgian artist René Magritte, painted in 1928. The writing "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" translates to "This is not a pipe." Now, as you can see below, this piece has been fairly inspirational around GoComics. Check it out ... 


Web Comic: Savage Chickens by Doug Savage on GoComics
Savage Chickens by Doug Savage 
"This is not a halfpipe." 
Universal Uclick/GoComics Creative Director, Joel Friday
GoComics Creative Director, Joel Friday
"This is not a tattoo."

March 14, 2013

Luann! AGAINN!

Luann Againn by Greg Evans on GoComics
Hello there, Laugh Tracks readers!

I've some good news for our loyal Luann subscribers. First, did you know that the Luann comic strip turns 28 on Sunday? Wow! Props to its creator, Greg Evans, for creating such great, long-lasting content. Well done, sir!


Secondly, on Sunday, March 17, not only will we be celebrating the 28th anniversary of Luann, but we'll also be launching a new feature! Get excited, because we're restarting Luann from the beginning and calling it ... Wait for it ... Luann Againn. So, all of you Luann lovers can enjoy it from the start!



Lastly, if you're not too busy tomorrow around 1:30pm-2:30pm CDT, we'd love to have you join our live Q&A with Greg Evans on Twitter! He'll be promoting his new feature, Luann Againn, and answering an array of questions, including yours! For those who are interested in joining us tomorrow, simply head over to Twitter and tweet your questions using the hashtag: #LuannLIVE. Note: You'll need to have an existing Twitter account; if you do not have one, you'll need to sign up. Click here to set up a Twitter account. If you have any questions regarding the live tweet session, leave a comment on this blog post and I'll be sure to answer before the live session.

Live Tweet with Luann creator, Greg Evans!

March 11, 2013

Daylight Savings Time 2013

It happened. Again. And I think it's safe to say we're all feeling the groggy effects of DST here at GoComics HQ... ZzZzZzzz

Here's a peek at a collection I made of DST themed comics from yesterday's Sunday Funnies. See them all by clicking here.

Collection of Daylight Savings Time comics from - Lindsay Gibson
See all Daylight Savings Time comics from this collection, or click the image above.

February 21, 2013

Snow Day!

The midwest is being blasted by a massive winter snowstorm today and we're right smack dab in the MIDDLE of it in Kansas City, MO! GoComics Headquarters has been shut down for the rest of the day, and this Rose is Rose seems rather fitting. 


Rose is Rose Snow DAY!

To those in the midwest- Be SAFE!

January 25, 2013

Live Tweet with THE Scott Adams... TODAY!

Tweet live with Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, 1/25 @ 1:30pm CST | #DilbertLIVE

Have a burning question for Scott "Dilbert" Adams? Join @GoComics on Twitter today at 1:30pm CST and be apart of our live Q&A, just use the hashtag #DilbertLIVE.


Happy tweeting!


January 17, 2013

Rest In Peace, Pauline "Dear Abby" Phillips



Today is a very sad day for the Universal Uclick family. We are mourning the loss of a brilliant woman. The original "Dear Abby," Pauline Friedman Phillips, passed away at the age of 94 after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer's disease. She passed her advice column on to her daughter in 2000, and it continues to be the mostly widely syndicated column in the world.


Rest in peace, Pauline "Dear Abby" Phillips. Your legacy will live on. 


Read our Press Release

January 14, 2013

Bill Amend signing in KANSAS CITY!

Bill Amend: FoxTrot creator

Hey, FoxTrot fans-

Bill Amend will be signing in Kansas City at Barnes & Noble on the Country Club Plaza!

DATE: Saturday, January 19th 
TIME: 2:00pm CST
LOCATION: 420 West 47th Street Kansas City, MO 64112

This is a FREE event. Bring your books and show up early!

December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Before I take off for the holiday, I wanted to leave all of you wonderful readers with one of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes comics. Enjoy.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson on GoComics | comics, christmas, santa

Have a fun, safe holiday. See ya next year!

December 06, 2012

I miss Scrubs.

Shout out to all the funnies/Scrubs fanatics in the world! Last night I was enjoying my nightly Scrubs fix, and totally geeked out a little after watching J.D. and Turk reference their favorite comics. Man, I miss those nerds. Check the clip below.




Love Marmaduke? Miss The Boondocks? We've got 'em all on GoComics!

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