Meet Your Creator: Melissa Lomax (Doodle Town)

Today, we hear from Doodle Town creator Melissa Lomax!


I’ve been drawing, doodling and cartooning since I was a very little girl. I found that by being creative I could "make my own fun," and because of that, there would never be room for boredom!



As a child, when the Sunday comics arrived, I’d read them all… but my favorites were the ones that I’d skip to first. Among those were Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson. I could relate to Calvin’s wild imagination and his soft spot for a stuffed animal best bud. I also really liked For Better of For Worse by Lynn Johnston. I thought it was so unique to see the Patterson family growing up and moving along in life.  


As an adult, when I saw my first graphic novel, I was super excited! The idea of telling an entire story for kids or adults with pictures was like a dream come true. I think that Craig Thompson does this brilliantly in his novels "Good-bye, Chunky Rice" and "Blankets."


My career as a cartoonist took flight when I discovered Doodle Town. It started as a Valentine’s Day gift for Christian aka Patch (my now-fiancé). I doodled myself as a cat, Patch as a dog and tried to capture some of our funniest and sweetest moments together. A year later, the gift sparked an idea for a handmade book called "Summer with You." Patch and I took the book to the Small Press Expo in Baltimore during 2013, where Shena Wolf (the Acquisitions Editor at GoComics) visited our table and took an interest in my work! I knew something "magical" was about to happen, but I wouldn’t fully realize the potential until I was posting weekly on the GoComics site!


Doodle Town by Melissa Lomax
Doodle Town by Melissa Lomax

I’m still inspired by many of the things that intrigued me during my childhood. My mom introduced me to artists who sparked my imagination and moved me to create worlds of my own. I grew up fascinated with Richard Scarry and the intricate workings of "Busytown," Mark Alan Stamaty and his elaborate drawings in books like "Yellow Yellow" and the magical artwork in "Jelly Beans for Breakfast," with pictures by Beverly Komoda. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention The Muppets -- I consider them be living and breathing and off on an adventure somewhere right now. Jim Henson made me feel like anything you could imagine was possible.  


The greatest source of inspiration in my life is my fiancé Christian Patchell (Patch). We have been together for nearly 15 years. He is an amazing illustrator and cartoonist, a constant source of creative energy to his art students and an extremely optimistic and humorous six-year cancer survivor. He’s one of my biggest supporters, and he’s the Pups to my Kitty Lo-Lo!



I’m a full-time greeting card artist at Kathy Davis Studios and have worked in the greeting card industry for nearly 15 years. My cards and product have been sold in stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Wegmans and in American Greetings locations.


Some of my work has been printed in children's publications. My proudest moment so far has been to see several of my "Hidden Pictures" in Highlights magazine!


I am a member of the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society. As a group, we have worked with and donated artwork to charities such as The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness and The Children's Crisis Treatment Center.


As for my workspace, I like to think that I can draw just about anywhere on just about anything! But I will say that I love working alongside Patch in our art studio. When it comes to my workspace, I’m a bit of a neatnik, but I also like to surround myself with collections of things that inspire me. I have a clipboard where I keep all of my comic ideas and a folder where I gather all of my sketches. I ink the final artwork with a micron on tracing paper, scan it into the computer and color it on my iPad in a program called Procreate. I love that I can take my iPad outside and color my comic while relaxing on the lawn or in my favorite coffee shop!  



Currently, I have a book idea that’s in the very early stages, based on Kitty Lo-Lo and Patch the Pups. It’s geared more toward children -- or adults who are kids at heart -- and will be full of adventure and fun!


Read Doodle Town here or find Melissa on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and her blog.


Twitter Q&A with Fran Krause of Deep Dark Fears




This week we chatted with Deep Dark Fears creator Fran Krause. If you couldn't make the Q&A, catch up using the Twitter widget below! 




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About: Irrational fears, dark thoughts, and ghost stories submitted by readers from around the world. Deep Dark Fears tells stories about the creepy things that pop into people's heads and won't let them be.

A Comic in a Different Galaxy

Saturday (7/19) is Space Exploration Day, which, if you ask me, coincides perfectly with the 10th anniversary of Brewster Rockit this month!  


Brewster Rockit combines a few of my very favorite things.


Space: Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated with outer space. I get lost in the beauty of the moon and the stars, though the unknowns of outer space terrify me. Situated in space, Brewster Rockit is right up my alley.   


Brewster Rockit by Tim Rickard



Pop Culture: There’s no doubt that you’ll catch me reading the timeless Calvin and Hobbes, relating to For Better or For Worse and admiring Peanuts. But, at the same time, I really enjoy comics that keep up with current events and allow timely topics to seep in. While you won’t find current events in every Brewster Rockit strip, there’s certainly no shortage of well-timed jokes.



Brewster Rockit by Tim Rickard



Alluring Art: Truth be told, when it comes to comics, I’m in it for the punch line. I look for the laugh first, and then notice the artwork. With Brewster Rockit, it was quite the opposite. I fell in love with the artwork before the storyline. I could spend hours studying the intricate drawings and details in Brewster Rockit.



Brewster Rockit by Tim Rickard


Seriously, just look at those stars and tell me that’s not beautiful. 


Happy 10th birthday, Brewster Rockit! Time travel back to the very first strip here.


-- Julie



I'm a fan of Lynda Barry, and was glad to recently come upon this short talk:





Here are a few of her rich collage pages:



What Are Thoughts?


Time and Place 2





Those are from her Eisner-winning 2008 book What It Is, and make me think of the work of the late great Kenneth Patchen.


This is her long-running alt-syndicated comic strip ERNIE POOK'S COMEEK:


50 Teeth and 13 Nipples


Things I Can See From Here


And here's an interview with Susan Kirtley, author of Lynda Barry: Girlhood Through the Looking Glass, who notes that Barry calls what she does "image wrangling."



This recurring LAUGH TRACKS feature highlights individual Sherpa strips and panels that for one reason or another caught the fancy of the aide de sherpa. It could be anythng; the drawing, the writing, the humor, the coloring, that they tried something interesting, or that it's a new step for that particular creator.


We hope this quirky sampler will alert you to features you might not yet have noticed amid Sherpa's abundant, ever-changing, and eclectic mix, and that it gives Sherpa creators a modicum of helpful feedback.



And now...  7-15-14












Buns  7-16-14




Girth 7-16-14






Onion & Pea  7-16-14









Winding Roads  7-16-14



Suburban Wilderness  7-17-14




A complete list of all the Sherpa features can be found here.



I decided to do something a little different with the blog this week. After reading several other blogs, I got the idea to do a list.  Originally, I was going to start with a list of 10, but I couldn’t come up with 10 if you turn an 8 on its side it makes an infinity sign (which is way cooler than a 10).


Some of my favorite characters are ones that, should I ever encounter in real life, I’d be sure to stay on their good side. I opted to use this as inspiration for my list.  Enjoy!


8. Jason



FoxTrot by Bill Amend
FoxTrot by Bill Amend




Jason is smart. It would be important to stay on his good side for a couple reasons. First off, really difficult homework that’s due at midnight and you haven’t started it yet has a chance of actually being completed if you have a friend like Jason.  Sure, it might cost you a slight headache after listening to a few hours of rambling you don’t understand – but at least your homework will be on time. Second, with as smart as Jason is, if he really hated you, he could probably come up with some really creative way to get his revenge, and you would never see it coming.


7. Melody


Dark Side of the Horse by Samson
Dark Side of the Horse by Samson



If looks could kill, Melody’s would be dangerously deadly. She appears periodically throughout Dark Side of the Horse.  Personally, I think she’s adorable. When she gets annoyed, frustrated, or upset about something, though, she has one of those looks that makes your soul shiver. Poor Horace. 


6. Phoebe 



Heavenly Nostrils by Dana Simpson
Heavenly Nostrils by Dana Simpson



I don’t understand why Phoebe is so picked-on. Her best friend is a unicorn.  If I knew someone who had a unicorn for a best friend – I’d want them to be my best friend! Plus, if you give Phoebe any trouble, she could just ask Marigold to use her powers on you … or head-butt you.


5. Lola 


Lola by Todd Clark
Lola by Todd Clark



Lola is such spunky old woman. I just can’t help but love her – and be slightly intimidated by her. She’s the kind of person that having as a best friend would always be an adventure, but upsetting might result in some crafty payback.


4. The Target Cashier

Just Say Uncle by Dan Pavelich
Just Say Uncle by Dan Pavelich


Just look at panel three. I wouldn’t want to be on her bad side. I can only imagine her yell is absolutely terrifying.


3. Lucy



Peanuts by Charles Schulz
Peanuts by Charles Schulz



I’m relatively positive the Target Cashier from Just Say Uncle took lessons from Lucy. She’s a little girl with a huge temper! It may be easiest to avoid Lucy altogether rather than try to stay on her good side.


2. Rat



Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis
Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis



I feel the image itself should be explanation enough as to why you should never get on Rat’s bad side. But, just in case you don’t see anything wrong with throwing neighbors off a cliff, I will continue to explain. Rat, main character of Pearls Before Swine, has no soul and is proud of it. He loves himself and material things. He’s also hilarious. He’d be a great addition to your friend group, as he always supplies a good laugh.  Just don’t do anything to upset, offend, or slightly annoy him or you might find yourself questioning your chances of survival.


1. Susie 



Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson
Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson



Sweet, little, innocent Susie? Why would you need to worry about upsetting this Calvin and Hobbes sweetheart? Just ask Calvin. She’s a spunky little girl who won’t tolerate anyone giving her a hard time.


There you have it. These 8 characters are best if you keep them on your side. Even though they are slightly intimidating, we can’t help but love them! After all, our favorite comics would be missing something without them.


Comment below to add to the list!


-- Jessi 




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GoComics Staff Pick: The Duplex by Glenn McCoy

This week's pick comes from our Assistant Controller (accounting) Darin: I find the wittiness of The Duplex to be unparalleled.  I don’t recall when I stumbled upon this comic, but I’m glad I did, and I’ve been laughing ever since.  The seemingly subtle humor the comic incorporates into everyday living is hilarious and really resonates with me -- maybe because I often find humor in the mundane of daily life, or perhaps it’s because I see a small glimpse of myself in Eno, living the irresponsible life of a bachelor.  But Eno would be lost without the antagonistic Fang poking fun and playing practical jokes on him.  And while I don’t have a man’s best friend like Fang, I have plenty of friends who enjoy playing the instigator role and giving me a hard time.  The laughs and enjoyment I gain from this comic strip always fall back on how cleverly Glenn McCoy takes what’s simple and makes it funny…



The Duplex by Glenn McCoy
The Duplex by Glenn McCoy |


…and sometimes takes you into introspection.




The Duplex by Glenn McCoy 2


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About: Once upon a time there was a duplex where a young bachelor named Eno and his dog, Fang, shared an ultra-macho haven of beer snacks and male-bonding. Suddenly, their lives turned co-ed when Gina and her poodle, Mitzi, moved into the other half of their building... the question is, who will come out on top in Glenn McCoy's The Duplex?





Cow Appreciation Day was last week, but I wanted to celebrate today anyway. Better late than never!




Here in Kansas City, we know a little something about cows.  I mean, we're not called Cowtown for nothing!  You can even buy Cowtown Barbeque Sauce, with a bottle designed by GoComics' own Charlie Podrebarac, the creator of the comic strip Cowtown.



Cow and Boy is another strip that features a bovine, Cow, as a main character, along with Billy (the "Boy" of the title).




Then there's Lucky Cow, a strip about the place where people really appreciate cows: a fast-food restaurant.




How are you going to celebrate Cow Appreciation Day?  My festivities will NOT involve steak.  I promise.




-- EAP







The famous Calvin and Hobbes duo has been entertaining us for years! We can always count on this six-year-old and his crazy imagination to put a smile on our faces.


This week, we are giving away a Calvin and Hobbes print.


To enter, comment on this blog post and include your FIRST and LAST names – and share with us why you love Calvin and Hobbes. Limit one entry per person. This contest will end on Tuesday, July 22 at 10 a.m. CT. The winner will be announced that day on this blog. This contest is open to all readers worldwide.



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